Many clients seeking logistics services hope to find cost-effective shipping to Israel from the US. However, achieving low prices isn’t always straightforward. The experts at Meest aim to enlighten readers about the elements that impact shipping costs and guide them toward cheap shipping to Israel, especially when financial constraints concern them. So, let’s explore the factors that influence the cost of international shipping.

Delivery Speed

The desire for faster delivery directly influences the cost of shipping to Israel from the US. Swift deliveries demand more resource-intensive logistics operations, incurring additional costs. Balancing speed and cost is a delicate act that Meest America continually navigates to meet customer needs within reasonable budgets.


The distance to the ultimate destination is a pivotal factor in determining delivery costs. Longer transportation distances require more resources and time, elevating the overall transportation expense. Delivery from the USA to Israel often incurs extra fuel and vehicle depreciation costs. Moreover, the package traverses various logistics zones, contributing to increased processing and delivery costs.

Striking a balance between speed, cost, and distance is essential for providing optimal shipping solutions. Meest America consistently strives to achieve this balance to meet customer requirements efficiently.

Parcel Weight and Dimensions

The size and weight of your package directly impact transportation costs. Larger and heavier packages incur higher transportation expenses. Cargo dimensions also play a role, affecting vehicle space utilization and necessitating special delivery conditions. It’s essential to distinguish between

  • Physical Weight: The actual weight of the parcel when weighed.
  • Dimensional or Volumetric Weight: A critical factor in the shipping industry, representing a package’s density. Calculate dimensional weight using the formula: Length x Width x Height / 139.

Parcel Insurance

Parcel insurance is a vital component of logistics strategy, influencing freight rates. Each parcel to Israel is automatically insured for $60.00. If additional insurance is required, it will cost 5% of the insured value. Ensuring the safety and security of your shipment is a crucial aspect of Meest America’s commitment to reliable and comprehensive logistics solutions.

Meest — Your Parcel Solution Partner

Regarding a swift, dependable, and budget-friendly delivery of packages to Israel from the USA, your choice should be Meest America. Our devoted customer support team is a phone call or email away, ready to assist you with any inquiries. Whether you need information or a free quote, we’ve covered it for you. Contact us today, and let’s make your parcel delivery hassle-free and efficient!