Sometimes, people need to change their residence place. It doesn’t mean that almost everyone relocates from state to state or goes overseas. Sometimes, to make life better, you need just to move to another area in your city. That process within 100 miles from your current residence place is called local move.

Today the need for the help of local movers is high enough as there are lots of reasons for a local move. Some people need to get more spacious homes or apartments to live in. Some need to relocate for the children’s sake as choosing the best school or college often needs to move to another block or neighborhood. And for some, the reason to relocate is just the opportunity to live in the most prosperous neighborhood.

Be it as is, local moving can be a daunting task even for appreciators of minimalism in their lifestyle. That’s why in our article, we decided to focus on the specifics of a local move to make it easier for you to plan and perform.

What Time You May Need for a Local Moving

First of all, you will need to plan in advance how long it will take you to move locally to a new place of residence. To do this, several factors should be taken into account at once:

• The number of personal items and furniture that you need to transport to a new place of residence. If you’re moving out of a furnished rental apartment and only pack your personal items, that’s OK. Such a process is time-saving and easy. And there is a completely different matter if you are transporting all the furniture, household appliances, electronics, or your library. Local moving in that manner will require much more time.

• What size of a truck do you need to relocate items? If you rent a small truck to carry a large number of belongings, you will have to transport them in several courses, and this also increases the time of

• The way to your new place of residence also plays a role. Especially if we’re talking about a California local move because the distances between neighborhoods can be quite impressive, and traffic jams still can be torture. Besides, not all companies provide local moving services and are targeted to   long-distance moves.

Therefore, when planning the time for relocation, be sure to consider these factors so as not to waste precious time.

Planning a Local Move: Make It Step by Step

Once you’ve decided on the amount of time you need to move, it’s time to create an action plan. When it comes to locale moves, it is important to strictly adhere to the plan, otherwise, there are high risks of forgetting something, losing something, or completely getting lost. What points of the plan will be mandatory for anyone who needs to relocate locally, regardless of whether they will move on their own or use the services of local moving companies?

1. Sorting all unnecessary things. Moving is a great opportunity to sort through your belongings, take away what you no longer need or what does not cause positive emotions, and throw these things away and start a new stage in life without them. You can use the classic rule. If you have not used a certain item for more than 1 year, you can safely throw it away or give it away, you are unlikely to need it in the future. Why not bring old things to a new house? You will simply overpay local movers for transporting unnecessary garbage.

2. Carefully measure the dimensions of large household appliances and furniture. These figures will come in handy for planning the loading and unloading of all things. Besides, it will save you time later on arranging bulky items in a new house.

3. Be sure to sort out the bills in the old house. To avoid future problems with the landlord or the new owners of your home, move in without debt or unpaid bills.

4. Decide how you will move. Can you handle it yourself or do you need to hire local movers? The first option seems to be cheaper but it may require additional time and effort from you, but cooperation with companies offering local moving services can save you time and make your move comfortable.

5. The next step in planning is getting ready to pack. It is best if you stock up on enough packing materials and plan how and in what order you will pack things. Local movers can help you with this too as their experience and skills are at your service.

After you plan all of that, you can start performing each stage consistently and make the whole process logical and easy.

How to Prepare for Moving Without Any Hassle

Preparations for relocation are not just getting your items packed and loaded onto the truck. Besides, you may need to organize these processes to unpack then all the belongings easily. What can be more daunting than the hassle when you try to get the most necessary items from the box and you just cannot find them? For this, it can be a good idea to sort items by some criteria i.e. by their importance, by their owner, or just by the room, where they should be placed in. Besides, it will be a good idea to create the lists for each box to know exactly what is it containing. In that case, you will easily find every towel or spoon when you need them right after the move.

Choosing an Experienced Local Moving Company

As you have understood from our article, hiring a local mover is time-saving and not as expensive as you can think about it. Yet there are lots of providers for relocation services in California. How to choose the best local moving company from them? There are several tips for you concerning that question.

• Look at the list of services offered by a local mover. Professional movers are not just truck loaders who transport your items from one area to another. They can also provide you with thorough planning, help in packing and unpacking items, installation of household appliances and plumbing, etc. The wider the list of services, the better is for you.

• Evaluate customer reviews on a certain company’s services. Even if the mover offers great prices and a wide range of services, its reputation can be spoiled just by real facts the customers can enclose. So, good movers have positive reviews. If there are no reviews at all, it’s a bad omen, as you just do not know what to expect from this company.

• Detail what type of moving the company offers. For relocation within 100 miles from your current residence, there is the service of local moving. For longer distances, rates and services list can be quite different.

• Do not try to get impeccable services for extremely low pricing. If the mover offers incredibly low rates, it can be a sign that he hires low-quality loaders or has some problems with trucks. Fair price offers fair quality.

Getting skilled local movers as your allies is your way to a comfortable and fast relocation. When you combine your efforts in planning with the skills of professionals it gives you a combo result that is embodied in your successful moving to your new home.