In today’s world, the success of a company depends on the use of modern technologies. The quality of sites and applications depends on web development.

Technology develops and upgrades at a breakneck pace. It is difficult to keep up with new trends. Sometimes there is simply not enough time to implement them in practice, and then a web development company will be a great solution. They will be able to suggest the right decision specifically in your case and advise you.

Any self-respecting businessman should be aware of events. To survive in a highly competitive market, you need to be proactive. Studying and tracking trends, innovations, and new web development methods makes it possible to choose the most promising of them and apply them in your own business.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are not this year’s invention. However, they are gaining more and more popularity. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) allow you to offer users an experience and level of engagement that is usually considered achievable only in applications.

PWAs combine the ease of use of websites with the technical capabilities of native applications. Working on devices running iOS or Android, the technology allows you to interact with the site in almost the same way as when using a standard application. However, the site is no longer loaded from the network, but from the device cache. This allows you to significantly increase the download speed of the resource itself, and updated data is loaded using the Internet.

Artificial intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence on websites is no longer science fiction, but a reality. The technology imitates human behavior and performs cognitive functions: it learns itself, collects and analyzes data, and automates processes. The artificial intelligence market is growing exponentially. This is not another “fast” trend. Experts are confident that this technology is the future.

According to research, about 38% of users will leave a site if the content is unattractive to them. Resource design has a huge impact on the formation of trust in the company. It takes less than a second to make an impression. AI technology helps shape design based on user preferences and behavioral factors. It contributes to the provision of quality service, simplifies many processes.

Dominance of native apps

The point of Native Apps is that they are written in the platform’s native programming language. To write a native iOS application, Swift or Objective-C will be used. For native Android applications, Java or Kotlin is usually chosen. The application is installed on a smartphone and continues to partially or fully work without the Internet (depending on the functionality).

At the moment, there is a stable demand for the development of Native Apps, so we can predict further development in this area in 2022.