A business must make profits to remain afloat, whether big or small. Franchises, therefore, need both an online and physical presence to reach local customers. In doing so, they must employ local SEO for multiple locations to widen the market reach. However, you must note that creating SEO for multiple locations for franchises is a little bit different from typical SEO because it is location-based. In this case, you’ll be reaching customers searching for those things within a locality.

So, how can you improve on your local SEO for multiple locations? Well, some tips include but aren’t limited to, the following:

List all locations in Google maps

The easiest and surest way of finding a storefront in a busy city is through Google maps. You, therefore, need to list all your different locations in Google maps because that is what customers will likely use to search for directions. If you’ve not yet listed your location, then you need to register with Google My Business, a process that is seamlessly easy and fast. After that, you should be able to update your multiple locations in Google maps, respectively.

Location-based keywords

Customers will use location-based keywords to search for services or products online. It, therefore, makes it mandatory to have such keywords in your website content so that you can improve on the website’s visibility in as far as SEO is concerned. For instance, you can use specific target keywords, regional names, and local landmarks or even nearest tourist destination sites. Remember, most consumers trust search engines when they want to find something fast over the internet.

Consistent branding across multiple locations

When doing local SEO for a franchise, it is important that you maintain established branding so that customers don’t get confused about their choice. Branding may include logos, colors, and brand identity. In other words, branding must be cohesive with the storefront and the same scheme applied across the website. The main reason for having consistent branding across multiple locations is maintaining the consumers who have already pledged loyalty to the brand. Brand loyalty is what keeps superior brands up in the game for even a lifetime.

Customer reviews

Lastly, when it comes to online business, and especially franchises, customer reviews are very important. Most customers treat reviews as a personal recommendation, and they’ll likely go with a business that has several reviews. So, when users search for keywords that are mentioned in the reviews, your site will rank high in SEO. It is, therefore, imperative that you start encouraging customers to leave location reviews so that they can help others see what they think of your service and products.

If you are running a company with multiple locations, then you need to incorporate local franchise SEO to increase the options of reaching your potential customers online. Improving your visibility in local search results is what will bring you more revenue in terms of customers and traffic. Remember, higher SEO ranking also gives authority over competitors because customers will always be directed to your location before anywhere else.