Virtuous, the world’s fastest-growing nonprofit CRM and responsive fundraising platform, announced today it has acquired VOMO, the award-winning volunteer mobilization platform designed to recruit new volunteers, manage the volunteer experience, and activate volunteers to grow giving. 

With VOMO, Virtuous will further enable nonprofits to deliver highly personalized and responsive experiences for their supporters at scale. The addition of VOMO underscores the company’s deep commitment to help nonprofit and social good organizations better connect with and inspire their givers. 

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The combination of two market-defining companies, which comes on the heels of hypergrowth and market expansion across multiple verticals in the nonprofit sector, extends the company’s mission to grow global generosity.

“Together, we understand generosity is far more than financial giving. Helping nonprofits mobilize volunteers, partnered with fundraising, fuels how we build better and grow together,” said Gabe Cooper, CEO and founder of Virtuous. “Bottom line: today’s giver — whether a donor or volunteer or both — expects a personalized connection with the organization working on the causes they care about and a responsive experience”

A Bigger Picture of Generosity

“VOMO and Virtuous both understand that being generous goes way behind the checkbook. Generosity shows up as a family serving at the local food bank, an engineering team stepping up to train the next generation of makers, youth activists rallying together to stand up against injustice, school teachers building a mentor network to ensure no child feels alone, and so much more,” shared Rob Peabody, the CEO and co-founder of VOMO. “I couldn’t be more excited because now we’re going to be able to combine the two technologies and mobilize so many more people to go do holistic good in their local communities.” 

“Volunteers and donors want to be engaged in a personal way, and they want nonprofits to suggest the right steps at the right time. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited about our next steps,” said Gabe Cooper. “The good news is that Virtuous customers are already seeing a lot of success at scale using Virtuous for responsive fundraising – they’re growing generosity in exciting ways. Now, with the addition of VOMO, we’ll be able to cover the entire supporter journey: not just the financial gift, but the whole person. This combination represents a unique and powerful  step forward for the nonprofits we serve..”

A Clearer View of Supporter Activity

Virtuous customers will now have a holistic view of supporters, and be able to design responsive experiences across the supporter journey — further enabling growth through increased retention and average giving.

VOMO users will have the option to adopt the Virtuous platform, and have the visibility needed to know the full impact volunteers have beyond their time, identify the best opportunities for volunteers at the right time, and finally deliver the experience volunteers expect and love.

During an all-hands meeting announcing the acquisition, Cooper closed with this charge: “This is only the beginning, and we have so much more ahead, together.”