Using a PHP developer to develop applications, websites and other programs for your business requires hiring someone with a specific set of skills as well as someone fluent in the open-source scripting language, PHP.

The proactive and scalable decision to reach out to a PHP developer to focus on the web development of your business means sourcing the right candidate, regardless of whether you’re a small, fledgling enterprise or a multi-national company hoping to expand. Of course, you’re going to need someone who is articulate in writing and testing vast volumes of code for the digital side of your business, however, there are other factors you should consider before you hire a PHP developer. Read on to find out more.

Beyond The Basics

Of course, developing any kind of application, web page or program requires a specific skill set and your PHP developer must be able to hit the ground running and maintain their quickly increasing volume of work. However, if you’re hoping to find the right candidate for your business, you need to look beyond a knowledge of the basics and fluency within the language. A high level of technical knowledge is preferred, with a strong understanding of project development and the integration of other systems and codes. The right PHP candidate for your business will have extensive knowledge of their role rather than just a good understanding of the language.

A Candidate Who is Willing to Learn and Grow

As a business owner, you’ll understand how time-consuming and expensive the recruitment process is. Therefore, the resources you’re putting into this process must be worth it in the long haul. Searching for the right PHP candidate is easier when they display an interest and strong desire to continually work on their skills, grow as individuals and are willing to focus on their own self-development. These characteristics demonstrate that they’re less likely to accept the job and then move on within a couple of months. Additionally, the more willing they are to work on their skill set and develop their knowledge, the better the results for your business!

Someone Who is Passionate About Their Work

A PHP developer can have plenty of experience and the skills to back up their CV. But if their work ethic is lacking, you’re not going to benefit from any of these factors. Sourcing feedback and references from previous employers can help you ascertain what kind of person you’re dealing with and whether or not they have the right work ethic to help your business reach its goals.

Adaptable and Able to Handle Change

Web development is persistently changing, which means your PHP developers need to be able to keep up with changes to new applications and languages. Again, this means that any prospective candidate should be willing to learn and adapt to the industry, whilst still maintaining a high level of work and meeting your expectations.

Final Thoughts…

Think you’re ready to hire your next PHP developer? Consider these factors to help you through the process.