Looking to be in style? Here are the on-point trendy hairstyles for 2021.

High Ponytail

You can also rock a high ponytail a-la, Ariana Grande. This hairstyle is chick as well as most easily manageable. Gather your hair at its highest point and put on a scrunchy, and you have got yourself a high ponytail.


Highlights are a rejuvenate boring hair by minimal styling, Just grab a few strands of hair and color them in the required hue. They are a great way to make your hair stand out in the light.

Step cut

A step cut is featured by one step near the chin and the other just below the shoulder. This hairstyle adds much-required bounce to the hair and makes them lively.

Higher Updos

High buns, messy buns, and hairstyles that gather the hair on the head and keep them above the nape of the neck are easily manageable and classy at the same time. These vintage hairstyles work well with formal attire.


Bangs is a hairstyle, which, when done properly can bring out the best features of your face and help play down not-so-flattering ones. The bangs are back in vogue. Choose the size of bangs for short bangs to longer ones or even uneven bangs according to the shape of your face and sport the stylish hairdo with confidence.


Waves in the hair are one of the best go-to haircuts of many celebrities and fall in one of the most natural looks available. The shiny, long lustrous mane is not only for the Disney princess Ariel. You too can rock the look and look gorgeous with the required care.


Layers as a haircut never went out of style, but they sure are making waves again. Soft layers in sync with face shape and hair quality can result in breathtaking hairstyles with a minimum required care. This hairstyle brings softness to the features of the wearer.


It is time to embrace your natural curls because flat ironed straight hair days have thankfully left us behind. Or if you so like, you can even opt for artificially curling and perming solutions. They look great with just the right bounce and bring in the oomph factor.

Crimped waves

Crimped waves are the amalgamation of natural waves and the crimping to achieve the look of even waves. They look well maintained and tamed to perfection, all the while not losing the natural flow of hair. This smart look brings out the right amount of sophistication as well as charm.

Different waves

Different wave is a style that sets to achieve the best of both the hairstyles of waves as well as a step cut. In this hairstyle, the hair is cut in multiple steps at various lengths and at the same time not doing away with the waves and providing additional to achieve the required look.

60’s retro style

60’s retro hairstyles, with headbands and ribbons, are once again making a comeback to the fashion scene. Side partings with different ribbons bring home the required amount of style with old-world charm.

Long blunt bob with layers

If you are looking to try layers, you can do so in the shorter hair as well which is equally chick with a blunt bob to bring out the edge.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob has been around for a few years but its undying popularity is enough for simplicity as well as charm.

Ombre Pixie

A pixie cut in ombre colors is for edgier queens out there who are not afraid to experiment.

The above-mentioned haircuts are very popular in fashion circles. If you are looking to experiment with hairstyles but do not want to commit to them for a long time, then I tip hair extensions are a great solution to achieve that. With multiple hairstyles available, it is worth it to invest in something so charming.