What is one way local businesses can keep the holiday energy going to maintain shopping momentum?

To help you maximize the benefits from holiday shopping momentum, we asked business professionals and leaders this question for their insights. From referral programs to bounceback offers, there are several ways to capitalize on the holiday shopping momentum this season.

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Here are ten ways to keep the holiday energy going:

  • Mix Up Your Sales and Inventory
  • Keep Your Marketing on the Move
  • Set Up a Referral Program
  • Offer a Bounceback
  • Maintain the Movement of Your Marketing
  • Focus on Holiday Togetherness
  • Use Holiday Offers to Keep the Holiday Energy Going
  • Capitalize on Holiday Energy by Offering Promotions
  • Build Relationships Through Loyalty Programs
  • Have a Reliable Website

9 Ways Local Businesses Can Maintain Holiday Shopping Momentum

Mix Up Your Sales and Inventory

To keep the momentum going past the holidays, you have to keep things fresh. This means rotating or refreshing your inventory. If all customers see every time they visit your store are the same old products in the same place, they may end up looking to your competitors for something new. You don’t have to go for a clean sweep, but mix up what’s on display or on sale around the turn of the year. This will keep customers intrigued and on their toes.

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case


Keep Your Marketing on the Move

To avoid a post-holiday sales dip, businesses should continue to drive marketing initiatives such as preparing ad creatives, increasing PPC spend because the average CPC is lower, strategizing sales initiatives, and so on. Some online retailers provide wishlist options to help holiday shoppers plan for later purchases. Others take advantage of the new year to introduce new products.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Set Up a Referral Program

Nothing says the holidays quite like discounts for family and friends. A fun way for local businesses to keep the holiday energy going to maintain shopping momentum is to set up a referral program for their customers that offers discounts to customers’ family members and friends. This program will keep the holiday energy going with the notion that “you can give your friend a gift without buying them anything.”

Mike Krau, Markitors


Offer a Bounceback

With every holiday sale, make sure to include an offer, discount, or coupon for them to use on their next visit. This can be an email that comes after purchase for an extra 20% next time or a free entree with the purchase of another entree card. Make sure to add an expiration date so they have a sense of urgency to come back sooner than later.

Tanya Gagnon, Miss Details


Maintain the Movement of Your Marketing

Instead of letting your marketing effort come to a screeching halt this year, you can keep it running like a tiny bubbling brook. Consider what a few well-planned social media posts, scheduled emails to your list, and a slew of value-added videos (or clever advertising) can do for your business.


Rather than trying to re-ignite a fire with nothing but old ashes, you may start the first quarter of the year with a bang. Then, consider the momentum you’ll have in place for the remainder of the year.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel


Focus on Holiday Togetherness

Focus on the communal energy generated by the holidays. The holiday season typically creates an environment of togetherness and celebration. If you are able to push energy into the communal aspect of your marketing campaign during the holidays, you can maintain a hefty focus on your brand narrative and its prospective niche communities. 

This can be through social media, email marketing, and in-person interactions and events. Keeping the energy of togetherness following the holidays will not only help your shopping momentum but can help the growth of your brand’s community.

Karina Karassev, Stori


Use Holiday Offers to Keep the Holiday Energy Going

By offering holiday discounts or special offers, the shopping momentum can be maintained by the local businesses. During the holiday season, customers are attracted to special offers by the local businesses such as buy one, get one free or holiday bundles. This strategy does not only help boost sales but also help in retaining customers.

Daniela Sawyer, FindPeopleFast


Capitalize on Holiday Energy by Offering Promotions

Offer post-holiday promotions. Many consumers are gifted gift cards for the holidays, and they’re eager to spend them. Entice them into your business with special promotions or clearance sales. Everyone loves a deal, even if shopping isn’t number one on their to-do list come January. 

You can even start advertising in November and December that you’re offering a New Years’ sale, for instance, to drive excitement after the holiday season. By advertising early, you’ll give consumers something to look forward to once the holiday adrenaline dies down.

Melanie Bedwell, Olipop


Building Relationships Through Loyalty Programs

Businesses can effectively build relationships with new and existing customers through a loyalty program. When consumers feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to purchase again and to recommend your product or service to others. Adding a personal touch such as a birthday gift or exclusive invites to launches will make customers feel appreciated. Loyalty programs will not only benefit consumers during the holiday season but will increase the customer lifetime value.

Hayley Albright, Xena Workwear

Have a Reliable Website

No matter where your business is physically located, it’s always nice to have a reliable website for your products or services. Holiday season shopping can be fun and exciting, especially in-person, but for those who would rather avoid the long check-out lines and hustle and bustle, it is important to offer specials and deals on your website as well. In order to accommodate the holiday rush online, it’s important to have a reliable website with 24/7 hosting support. By having a reliable website with specials and deals, you can improve the overall customer experience and maintain the holiday momentum well into next year.

Mor Hasson, Maple Hosting


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