Manufacturing ergonomics has become a big focus point for companies. The purpose of manufacturing ergonomics is to provide employees with workstations that are safe, secure, and comfortable. As a result, you get: 

  • Healthier employees 
  • Higher level of productivity 
  • Improved safety 

Not to mention, the workplace culture becomes better, too. This is because employees will look forward to coming to work, knowing they have a well-designed and safe environment to perform their tasks. 

As part of the manufacturing management team, you’re probably interested in manufacturing ergonomics and the benefits mentioned above. If this is true, then you can use these top tips that’ll help you to ensure quality manufacturing ergonomics and healthier employees. 

Use Ergonomic Industrial Workbenches 

Here’s what you need to do first: start using ergonomic industrial workbenches

No matter how many employees you have working at your factory on a typical day, whether 100 or 1000, you need to provide them with ergonomic workbenches designed to increase productivity and decrease physical strain. In turn, this will help the posture of your employees while also ensuring they maintain an optimal health level. 

The best part about ergonomic industrial workbenches is that they’re height-adjustable. This means that any of your employees can adjust the benches to match their requirements based on height. For example, your taller employees will be able to move their workbenches higher, while the shorter employees will be able to bring the table tops closer to the floor. 

The key here is that you’re protecting the well-being of your staff. Remember, most of your employees (at a minimum) probably work 8 hours a day. That’s a long time to sit, which is why ergonomic industrial workbenches are important and beneficial. 

Try Antifatigue Floormats 

The latest research from Zippia shows that the majority of employees are exhausted at work. Thankfully, there are certain tools that can be deployed to stop this, with antifatigue floor mats being one of them. 

Usually, antifatigue floor mats are made of rubber, but they can come in other materials, too. 

Whichever material you decide to invest in, all antifatigue floormats do the same thing: reduce fatigue in employees who have to stand for long periods of time. 

Of course, the general aim here should be to provide antifatigue floormats to employees at workstations who stand instead of sit during their work shifts. In most cases, this will provide them with a much-needed boost due to reduced muscle and tissue stress. 

Invest in Lifting Equipment 

Lifting aids are vital for manufacturing and construction company employees because they drastically reduce the odds of injuries taking place. From service lifts to bucket elevators, there are many examples of different lifting equipment that you can provide to employees, with the end goal being to make handling materials much easier for them. 

Provide Adjustable Screens with Brightness and Contrast Controls

For the employees at workstations with computers, make sure that they’re provided with adjustable screens that also have easy to understand brightness and contrast controls. This way, individual employees can customize their workstations in a way that’s best suited to them and their eyesight. This matters so much because it will reduce eyestrain and allow employees to perform to the best of their abilities.