In the ever-evolving world of marketing, we asked thirteen professionals, from co-founders to growth managers, to share one tool that has significantly impacted their marketing efforts. Their responses range from Page Optimizer Pro to Fat Agent CRM. Dive in to discover the tools that could revolutionize your marketing strategy. Here are 13 marketing tools that have been a game-changer.

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  • Page Optimizer Pro
  • Gain App
  • Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics
  • Devi
  • SEMrush
  • HubSpot
  • Respona
  • ChatGPT
  • Buffer
  • Loomly
  • Fat Agent CRM

Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro has definitely been my favorite. This SEO tool has been a game-changer in our marketing strategy. It provides clear instructions on optimizing our web pages for search engines, converting complex SEO strategies into manageable steps. The results we’ve seen in terms of website traffic and search engine rankings speak for themselves. It’s like having an SEO expert guiding your every step. 

Its ability to generate an SEO score for our pages is another cool feature of Page Optimizer Pro. This score provides a quick snapshot of how well we’ve optimized our content. It’s a straightforward and effective way to gauge our efforts and see where we need to improve. It has been instrumental in enhancing our online presence to receive clear, numeric feedback that helps us make data-driven decisions.

David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Sticker It

Gain App

Gain App is the #1 tool we use to streamline our marketing efforts. When working with various clients across various specialties, it’s important to create a workflow that is applicable to them all—and Gain App does just that.

The biggest difference Gain has made in our business is that it allows us to create all the marketing content for all our clients in one place, and bring the clients into the marketing workflow.

Directly in Gain, you can create different channels for clients, create content for various social channels, collaborate with clients on the content, and automate the approval and posting processes.

Instead of having to use multiple tools to accomplish these tasks, we can do it all from start to finish in Gain. This eliminates confusion, loss of data, and the risk of missing a step in the workflow.

Our clients feel like they play an active role in their marketing strategy by being involved in the approval and editing process, making it a true community effort!

Chelsea Evans-Flower, Owner, Scott Social

Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics

Email marketing is one marketing tool that has made a significant impact and difference in marketing efforts. It is a powerful tool that has helped improve business strategy, as it helps build relationships with customers, understand their needs, and provide valuable content that resonates with them. It is a cost-effective, high-ROI approach that has increased customer retention, enhanced brand recognition, and ultimately boosted leads. 

The use of platforms like Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics, which are relatively easy to use with their clear campaign dashboard, has helped to simplify things. These tools have helped streamline email marketing processes, such as sending automated new campaign emails. Email marketing is the most significant ROI source, giving my line of work a 55% campaign result.

Inemesit Ukpanah, Digital PR Specialist, GreenMatch has proven to be indispensable in my marketing toolkit, particularly for content writing and social media management. This was a significant issue for me, as we often repurpose our blogs into short posts for social media. While other platforms do offer features to assist with this, none of them provided the flexibility to implement it the way I desired. allows me to create a record for each piece of content. I utilize the columns to monitor where it has been posted (or where it’s scheduled to be posted). Not every piece of content will be posted to the same location, so columns provide the flexibility to accommodate that.

The real game-changer, however, is the subtasks. This is where I list all the milestones required for me to complete that piece of content—which can vary for each project. This is where things become complicated with other project management tools, but with, I’ve managed to keep everything organized.

Chad Davis, Writer, Editor, Content Marketer,


I recently stumbled upon this super-cool tool called Devi. It’s an AI-powered thingamajig that monitors social media leads and helps you with outreach. Crazy, right? And get this, after using it for just a week, it actually found someone in need of exactly what I offer. I reached out and BAM, closed the deal. It’s been a game-changer for my marketing strategy.

Ben Pate, Co-Founder and CEO, Analytic Call Tracking


SEMrush has become invaluable to me. I have been using this service to enhance website performance for six months now. It’s a cool tool that has changed my approach to constructing SEO strategy and content marketing. 

It offers plenty of features, including keyword research for discovering optimal keywords for your content, taking into account the volume, competition, and frequency of them; domain overview, which provides comprehensive analytics regarding your site’s current condition; and technical website audit to identify issues affecting your ranking.

It can also provide a diverse competitor analysis to gain insights into their strategies and learn how to outperform them and position tracking to monitor your SERP for specific queries from different locations globally.

Finally, the other features are supplying backlink analysis to assess the quality of backlinks directed to your and your competitor’s site and then content marketing research for creating relevant, high-quality content and covering up topics, allowing you to generate better results.

Dmytro Rodionov, Digital Marketer,


HubSpot has been indispensable for us in three ways.

Spinning up quick automations to distribute leads and webhooks to other platforms has been a game changer. It has saved time, improved data quality, and made it easier to take action.

We also moved our website from WordPress because it took too long to update content, and we needed other platforms for analytics. With HubSpot, everything is in one place. I can see the business impact at a page level—from the keywords we rank for, to the revenue by page.

It is intuitive and user-friendly, which means even less technically inclined team members can design emails, build web pages, and create reports. Another bonus it gave us over WordPress was the ability to update an image or PDF in the file manager and instantly update where it is embedded in emails, webpages, and CTAs. In WordPress, we had to edit the file in every location. This is a small feature, but it has a big impact.

Rob Boyle, Marketing Operations Director, Airswift


Respona is a tool we recently started using to identify blogs, articles, and “top 10” lists for potential engagement and relevant conversations. It prioritizes highly ranking and highly relevant sites based on specific keyword parameters and may include us. 

The tool scans and automatically pulls the right contact and email address, then orchestrates the outreach campaign to make the process seamless. It has been a hugely valuable tool for us.

Bryan Jones, Founder and CEO,


ChatGPT is a time-saver, idea creator, brainstormer, copywriter, marketing assistant, and staff member. It gives me dozens of ideas in seconds and takes my creative thinking in directions I would never consider. It can write posts for social media fairly instantaneously. It provides me with wonderful and varied ideas for ad headlines and subheads. It saves me hours per day in time and, arguably, just as importantly, stress. 

For if I ask ChatGPT to refine its copy one, two, or even three times to see if it can make it better, tighter, and improve upon its previous submission, it doesn’t scowl, roll its eyes, mumble expletives under its breath, or slam the door on its way out…like its organic teammates do. 

It also doesn’t ask for days off, is always at work on time, doesn’t leave early, doesn’t take long lunches or numerous coffee breaks, is always in its office when I stop by, and always gets its work in on time.

Robert Foney, CMO, Healthmetryx, Inc.


Buffer has significantly enhanced our social media marketing efforts. Its user-friendly interface simplifies scheduling and publishing posts across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent online presence.

The content calendar provides a clear overview of our posting schedule, aiding in strategic planning. The app’s analytics reveal valuable engagement metrics and audience insights, aiding in content optimization.

The team-collaboration feature facilitates seamless communication among team members, streamlining content-approval workflows.

Buffer’s ability to schedule, analyze, and collaborate has saved us time and boosted our social media impact, making it an indispensable tool in our marketing arsenal.

Khanh Tran, Growth Manager, Majorca Villa


To refine our marketing efforts, we use Loomly. This tool alone helps with social media management. With the help of its content scheduling features, we have never missed a deadline. It also supports conversations with social media users. 

For a digital marketer, what could be better? This innovative tool also helps with team workflows and content organization. These features make it the go-to tool for us. In terms of efficiency, this software ranks at the top. We have noticed an approximate 30% increase in the engagement rate on social media platforms. Loomly has become an integral part of our marketing arsenal.

Caroline Diarte Edwards, Co-Founder, Fortuna Admissions

The sales and marketing teams struggled to build and maintain a high-quality target account list. With Keyplay, custom data was accessed that helped in creating a tiered account list. This list was back-tested against the sales data to show that the win rate with Tier A and B accounts was twice what it was for Tier C and D accounts. There is now significantly more confidence in the target marketing.

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews 

Fat Agent CRM

One standout tool that’s made a substantial difference is the Fat Agent CRM I developed. It’s a comprehensive customer relationship management system tailored for insurance agents. This CRM streamlines lead management, automates follow-ups, and provides insights, significantly boosting our marketing and sales efficiency.

Fat Agent greatly enhances our marketing efforts by streamlining lead management, automating follow-ups, providing data-driven insights, and improving overall efficiency. It ensures that we capture, nurture, and convert leads effectively, making our marketing campaigns more successful and efficient.

Brad Cummins, Founder, Insurance Geek