Did you know there are about 440,000 law firms in the United States? The industry has been growing 2.3 percent annually since 2014, and it’s forecast to generate $330 billion in 2019.

If you’re looking to start a law firm, it’s clear you’re entering a thriving market. However, competition for clients is fierce. A sizeable number of small law firms are unable to shake off the competition posed by the large firms.

Worry not, though. What you need is a solid marketing strategy.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the best law firm marketing services.

Know Your Marketing Goals

The first step to finding the right law firm marketing agency is to have a good grasp of your firm’s marketing goals.

To do this, consider the following:

  • Do you want to reach potential clients in your entire state or just within your city/locality?
  • Do you want a strong digital presence?
  • How many clients do you want to attract within a certain timeframe?
  • How much revenue do you want to generate from your marketing efforts?
  • How do you want your target market to perceive your brand?

When you have an intricate understanding of your marketing goals, it’s far easier to start off your search on the right footing. For instance, if one of your goals is to develop a strong online presence, then you’ll know that the ideal agency must offer digital marketing services.

A Specialization in Law Firm Marketing

It’s one thing to market a law firm and it’s quite another to market something like a retail store. You can’t use the same strategy for these two businesses and expect to get the same results.

This means you need to focus on finding an agency that specializes in marketing law firms. Such an agency not only has in-depth knowledge of the legal services industry but also how federal and state regulations on law firms affect their approach to marketing.

If you make the mistake of choosing an agency that has never worked for a law firm, you’ll only be wasting your marketing dollars.

A Track Record of Delivering Results

Just because a marketing agency has worked for law firms before doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit for you. You need a marketer with a proven track record of delivering results for law firms.

At a time when Big Data is all the rage, marketing agencies have detailed records of their performance. Any agency worth its salt will readily show you the results they have delivered for some of their law firm clients. Ideally, you want to see results for a law firm that has the same marketing goals as yours.

When you choose a top rated agency that delivers results, you can result assured it’ll also deliver for you.

Go Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Services

You’re a lawyer, not a marketer. This is why outsourcing your marketing to professionals is a smart move. And with this guide on how to find the best law firm marketing services, you now know the steps you need to take.

All the best and keep reading our website for more tips and insights.