July 31, 2019

AZ Big Media

5 reasons to consider large posters in advertising

Newer digital marketing techniques may be all the rage and have a critical place in any modern marketing campaign, but more traditional approaches still have their advantages. This includes the seemingly-humble poster. We’ve compiled five of the most convincing reasons why large posters are an effective part of most advertising campaigns.

1. They Draw Attention To Your Storefront

For businesses that operate a storefront of any kind, large posters can be placed in the windows directly to draw attention and attract passerby. They can make a storefront look more attractive to potential customers, give a strong idea of what your business does and advertise current sales. Because the posters are placed in your place of business, you also don’t have to go through the hassle of asking permission or paying a fee to hang the poster somewhere else. Posters used in this way can be changed out frequently to highlight new sales, new products, different times of the year and more.

2. You Can Put Them Up In A Variety Of Physical Locations

Large posters can be placed in a number of physical locations where the right people are more likely to see them. They have the potential to reach a very wide audience in particularly well-trafficked areas. It’s important to choose locations where your target demographic is going to see them, but you aren’t especially limited in where you can place them. You can even combine your traditional and digital marketing efforts together by adding features such as QR codes to your posters so interested parties can look up more information online or receive a deal. Keep in mind that you will need permission and possibly pay a fee to place advertising posters in most locations.

3. They Are Easier To See

Large posters are simply easier to see and read than smaller publications, such as flyers or even smaller posters. This allows you to make a bigger, faster impact on potential customers. Design is, of course, an important factor in how effective your posters will be – you want your advertising message to be clear, utilizing attractive colors and with a readable font to be most effective. The right printing service will work with you to incorporate your designs into a high-quality poster that will draw eyes.

4. They Are Cheaper Than Many Alternatives

Large poster printing is cheaper and more cost-effective than some other advertising methods such as online advertising, TV ads and renting billboard space. This makes it an attractive addition to your overall marketing plan in an environment where every penny in your advertising budget counts. Businesses should never pursue paid marketing ideas that are not likely to lead to results, but posters are cost-effective and versatile enough that they are a good advertising option for most businesses.

5. They Continuously Reinforce Your Brand

Large posters have a big advantage in marketing because people are not likely to see them only once, the way they might an online ad. People will see your poster each time they pass by it, reminding them of your business. However, you do not want to leave them up so long that people stop seeing them. Replace them occasionally with new ideas and they will prove a constant reminder to potential customers about your business. You should also use your large advertising posters to create uniformity in your brand. For example, using the same colors, logo, marketing copy and deals will help customers immediately connect your posters with your brand itself. By doing so, you more strongly cement your business in their minds.

We understand how effective large posters can be for a company’s advertising campaign and are committed to providing a quality product. If you haven’t yet used large posters in your advertising efforts, they’re worth trying for all the reasons mentioned above.