If you have had success with digital marketing and other promotional tactics, it is quite easy to write off trade shows. They can be expensive and complicated to organize and may be seen as not worth the effort.

Before crossing trade shows off your marketing list, it’s essential to learn the benefits of this particular promotional strategy. Because once the below five points have been considered, it’s highly unlikely you will overlook trade shows again!

1. Network with businesses and customers

A trade show is a perfect environment for networking. While it is a great way to connect with customers on a personal level, it also opens the door to establishing relationships with businesses. You don’t get too many opportunities to meet with contractors and vendors, certainly not all in one place. These outlets can then further support your business venture.

2. Build your brand

Looking to launch your brand? Or perhaps you already have a strong reputation in your chosen field, and are trying to reposition your business as an industry leader? Whatever the case, trade shows are an ideal setting to strengthen your brand. To do this, attracting attention is vital. This can be achieved with everything from free giveaways to an alluring display booth. Get it right, and your company’s status could be boosted overnight.

3. Learn from your competitors

A trade show isn’t only a place to make sales and network. It is also a valuable educational tool. For a start, it can enlighten you about any direct competitors also participating at the show. Take a moment to observe their convention displays; see how they connect with customers, and gain a better understanding of their pricing. All of this information paints a better picture of your industry on the whole. Plus, if certain tactics used by competitors are working especially well, these can be applied to your own business.

4. Gain direct feedback

Feedback from reviews, email surveys, and social media are undoubtedly helpful for any business. However, it is difficult to gain a substantial amount of responses in a short space of time from such avenues – especially for small outlets. This is where the trade show can step in. You can gain a large amount of feedback within a matter of hours, which will ultimately assist in improving your business.

To guarantee valuable feedback, you could conduct a short survey from your booth. To entice more people to impart their opinion, offer them a free gift or vouchers as a reward.

5. Generate sales

One of the best places to clinch a significant amount of sales is, understandably, at a trade show. Based on a study, close to half of trade show visitors will purchase a product or service. Along with so many people willing to buy, hundreds of prospective customers will come across your booth. The relaxed atmosphere of a trade show – think of it as the opposite of making an outbound sales call – further tips everything in your favor.