A good digital marketing campaign is integral to the success of your business in 2020. However, digital marketing campaigns can often feel overwhelming to business owners and entrepreneurs, especially if you are the sole owner of a company or have limited technological experience. Your digital marketing does not have to be complex, though, and here are some top tips to enable you to simplify your campaigns.

Use DAM Software

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is key if you want to control and manage your marketing campaign online. Rather than opt for multiple software applications to complete different processes, you should download a DAM system from BrandFolder.

DAM software can help to simplify and organize your campaigns by allowing you to effortlessly store and share your logos and content with your colleagues. Not only this, but DAM applications ensure that every marketer in your company can retrieve the right marketing materials for use, meaning that your campaign can stay coherent even if it is produced by multiple personnel.

Track Your Marketing Campaigns

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns can help you to reduce their complexity by highlighting which areas are less successful than others. This can help you to focus your efforts on the platforms that are increasing the revenue, customers and sales of your company, rather than expend time and money on the marketing strategies that are not benefitting your company as they should be. Although multi-channel marketing is important to connect with as many of your target audience as possible, it can also become expensive and ineffective if it is not actively boosting your conversion rates.

To find out which of your campaigns are the most successful,  you should consider downloading data insight software. You could also check your website’s performance to monitor your conversion rate and track certain KPIs and metrics, such as customer engagement on your website.

Base Your Campaign on Your Website

Your marketing campaign can become complex if you are not able to control all of its operations efficiently, such as being able to edit your visual content or manage your blog posts. Then, rather than use third parties to advertise your brand, such as influencer or affiliate marketing, or you should consider basing the majority of your marketing campaign on your own website. This will enable you to be able to manage every part of your campaign, from your SEO and blog posts to your web design, while also giving you an easy and free platform on which to promote and share information about your brand.

Schedule Your Posts

One of the main struggles of marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs is the ability to constantly manage it alongside other responsibilities, such as remembering to post updates and create new and exciting content on a regular basis. However, now you can forget about downloading calendar applications and setting recurring alarms in order to manage your marketing campaigns. Rather than worrying about providing a constant stream of content, you should consider scheduling all of your posts on your blog and your social media platforms, as well as scheduling email newsletters. You can do this manually or by downloading a scheduling application. This will allow you to create marketing materials when you have time, and then program when you would like them to be posted, whether that is at a regular time, or when there is a spike in internet traffic.

Specify a Target Audience

Narrowing down your target audience is an effective way of simplifying your marketing efforts. This can help you to increase your conversion rates while using less time and energy on marketing attempts that will not be seen by potential customers. To find your target audience, you should conduct surveys and polls about your products and the type of people that are regularly investing in them, create audience profiles, and use analytics on social media and search engines to discover who is investing in your business.

Reuse Your Content

If you have just spent hours writing an exciting blog post or creating the most effective social media post, why only use these once? Although you do not want your marketing campaigns to become repetitive, it is important to consider reusing your content. You can do this by posting the same content on different platforms, or by sharing your content again at a later date. This will not only remind loyal customers of some of your best campaigns, but it also has the potential to grab the attention of those who did not see your marketing campaign the first time that it was trending.