With the recent upswing in the economy, many businesses are beginning to make more funds available for creative and marketing services. However, many companies who look to boost growth by hiring a marketing agency are cutting their results short by inefficiently working with their agency.

Chris Norwood and Rob Nicoletti, co-founders of WHYFOR Design, a full-service marketing, design and digital agency with offices and strategic partnerships in Arizona, offer these tips to help businesses get the most out of their agency:

· Understand your customers and where they are getting their information
Clearly define your target audience and provide your agency with as much information about your existing and prospective customers. This will make it easier for your agency to create messaging that is not only tailored to your audience but also delivered with the right tools.

· It’s not About You – Think about messaging from the customers’ perspective
While it’s always important to discuss vital details and features of your products and services, it’s more important to develop a message strategy that lets prospective customers know you understand their wants and needs. So many companies want to “brag” about their products and services instead of truly connecting with their potential customers.

· Message Tailoring – Don’t be afraid to allow the agency to tailor your message
Once there is a clear understanding of who your audiences are, give the agency freedom to tailor your message to each demographic accordingly. You wouldn’t talk to teens the same way you would talk to middle-aged men.

· Budget transparency – Don’t keep your agency in the dark
It’s important that the agency understands the scope of the budget to which they have at their disposal. This will allow them to develop strategies, set expectations and select the tools and tactics that will be the most effective.  Many times agencies are asked to put together a marketing plan only to find that the budget will not support the recommendations made. Had they known the scope of the client’s budget, they would have created a much different strategy.