Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions (ATS Consolidated, Inc.) announced that it is relaunching as Verra Mobility Corporation, a global mobility company focused on delivering the future of safe and smart transportation across the United States and in 15 countries in Europe.

From self-driving cars to ride-sharing and car-sharing services, the future of transportation is right before our eyes. Smart mobility is the vital intersection of data, technology, and analytics that makes it all work. The unprecedented change and technological advances demand scale, experience, and knowledge to ensure a safe ride, and that’s where Verra Mobility plays a key role.

Verra Mobility is committed to developing and using the latest in technology and data intelligence to help make mobility safer and easier by solving complex mobility challenges. Verra Mobility also works to help commercial fleets navigate toll, photo enforcement, parking fees, and other logistical challenges with ease. It also continues to advance safety through red-light, speed, and school bus ‘stop arm’ camera enforcement on roads, highways, in school zones, and in key intersections across the United States including New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.  As a global company, Verra Mobility sits at the center of the mobility ecosystem – one that brings together vehicles, devices, information, and people to solve customers’ most complex challenges.

“Modes of transportation are increasingly connected allowing everything from real-time, traffic-adjusted directions on our dashboards to vehicles that can wirelessly communicate with surrounding vehicles, infrastructure and even pedestrians. Keeping people safe, while providing them the seamless experience they expect, is becoming harder than ever before,” said Verra Mobility CEO David Roberts. “We’re helping to build a world that moves more easily and more safely, serving many different customers with solutions they need now and innovations they will demand in the future.”

Verra Mobility is built to do just that; a surging Arizona-based company with nearly 700 employees doing business in 22 languages, supported by a vibrant corporate and community culture.