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March 10, 2015

AZ Big Media

AZ Big Media starts social media merger

AZ Big Media is merging all of its social media accounts into one account for each social media platform to keep its readers better informed of the latest and most important business, real estate and lifestyle news.

Currently, AA Big Media is maintaining separate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for each of its popular magazines, including Az Business, AZRE, Az Business Leaders, Ranking Arizona, Scottsdale Living and Experience AZ.

“People want to get all their news as quickly, accurately and as easily as possible,” said Ashley Incardone, digital coordinator for Az Big Media. “People simply don’t want to have to check multiple accounts, so we are responding to readers’ needs and merging our social media accounts into one account that will cover the most interesting stories and trends from all of our publications.”

 All accounts will be merged into Az Big Media’s account, which can be found here:


Twitter: or @azbigmedia

Instagram: @AZBIGMEDIA or

The Twitter and Instagram official merge date is set for March 11 and Facebook is set to merge March 20. After these merging dates, the separate accounts will no longer exist and AZ Big Media will be the only account remaining on all platforms.

On the new account, followers can expect to see news on everything Arizona, from real estate to business to tourism to dining to financial planning.

“This merger is very exciting for us as a company because it will not only allow us to build our Web following as a whole, but it allows us to provide our readers and our partners with a single, strong and accurate online news source,” said Incardone. “I encourage our readers, followers of the old accounts, or anyone interested in following the state’s most sophisticated business and lifestyle news source, to follow AZ Big Media.”