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CEO takes spotlight as knoodle celebrates ‘Sweet 16’

As knoodle, the full-service advertising agency celebrates its “Sweet 16” anniversary in business in the Valley of the Sun, we ask CEO Rosaria Cain 16 questions about life as a “Mad Woman.”

1. You famously opened the agency 16 years ago with Fulton Homes, and they’re still your biggest client. How do maintain that relationship and keep it fresh after16 years?

As an agency, we NEVER take Fulton Homes for granted. Every other week, we present at least three new ideas to Doug Fulton – Creative, Media, PR, and Digital – and by consistently setting the bar higher, Fulton expects only the best – and we deliver.

2. What’s the best day at knoodle?

Any day we pick up a new client is a great day.

 3. Any regrets?

Yes, opening an office in San Diego is probably my biggest mistake – to the tune of $200,000.

4. Who’s your hero?

Scott Cain, my superhero husband, and business partner. He’s smarter than I am, and more patient – and singularly focused.

5. What’s the biggest difference between the ad game in 2015 and how it was in 1999?

It’s now a millennial digital game that has changed the marketing world – and set it on its ear.

6. You’ve been an elite marathon runner and still work out – what’s the correlation between fitness and success for so many CEOs?

I’m in the business for the long run. It’s never about how you run the first five miles. It’s about how you approach the long race.

7. It’s been said that you’ve never met a dress, handbag or shoes that you didn’t like! What’s your latest purchase?

I don’t purchase clothing – I collect! My latest find is an authentic, Flower Child dress from 1969 and it’s a remarkable example of vintage couture that I may never wear ….

8. What advice would you give to the Rosaria of 16 years ago?

Never start an ad agency without having worked in one first!

9. Now that MAD MEN is off the air, did it really depict this industry, or just indulge in a fantasy of what early Madison Avenue was really like???

It was fun show, and I loved it. It’s really just an historic look at what we do now. Don Draper drinks much more than he works, and now, for good or bad, it’s just the opposite.

10. ]Favorite quote?

“Rewards go to the bold.” – Rupert Murdoch

 11. Campaign that you’re most proud of?

“I am kidney,” for the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.

 12. Lowest low?

Closing our San Diego office (See above).

13. What campaign do you wish you would have worked on?

There’s so many nationally and internationally that have helped to shape my vision, but here locally I’m still a fan of the early Riester “Tumor causing, teeth staining, smelly, puking habit” work

14. Any advice for people looking to get into this game?

Work as many internships as possible – in as many facets of the business as possible

15. What are reading right now?

“The Baker’s Daughter,” by Sarah McCoy. 

16. What’s next?

Creating a bigger, better knoodle. We’re running a marathon – and we have the people to take us to the next stage in our evolution.