If you are into marketing, then by now you should have noticed that video has become a significant channel of marketing. Most products are embracing the video instead of text for communication. The move to videos is to keep up with clients who prefer video content due to ease of understanding and time-saving.

Here are some of the most common video types for the brands who intend to work with a video marketing agency in Australia.

1. Sales Video 

Sales videos are mostly used to introduce products to the client to make them buy. It works similarly to a sales letter or a sales page. An ideal sales video should get the attention of the customer from the start to the end.

Ensure that the sales video identifies the customer’s pain points and providing solutions. It’s the solution that gives the prospective buyer an urge to get your product. Now that you have created an urge in the clients conclude with a call to action to ensure conversion.

2. Story Video 

A story is the best way to create lasting customer relationships. Using relatable stories creates intimacy between the clients and your brands as it produces an illusion that you understand and connect with them. Be as creative as possible to make the story compelling. The more intrigued a client is the higher the chances of taking actions.

The best way to go about creating the story is by focusing on a single idea and a unique character. The lesser the characters in a story, the easier to understand hence pass the intended message. Whatever story you use, make it compete. It must identify the pain points and solutions.

3. Explainer Video 

Explainer videos are some of the most used for video marketing. They are applicable in various activities like product launch, customer service, product usage explainer and generating sales. They also tend to rank high in search engines as clients find them more useful.

To create a compelling explainer video, focus on the product at a time. Also, make your product the center of attention because it is the main reason the client views the video in the first place. In the end, include a call to action to guide the client on the expected effect.

4. Customer Testimonial 

A customer testimonial is one of the marketing tools to improve social proof and gain trust. It involves the use of a real customer sharing their experiences using your product. A customer testimonial is excellent for product launches, brand awareness, and growing market share.

When making the video, make it as honest as possible. The interviewee should be prepared but not coached or scripted. You should also provide supporting footage and avoid premature branding to ensure authenticity. 

5. Social Media Video 

You have to make use of social media if you are looking for business success. With millions of users, it is the single largest source of market. Create a short video that is easy to understand with or without sound. Also, create several videos to increase engagement and visibility.

Bottom Line

There are several videos to use for your video marketing strategy. Now that you cannot use all the videos at the same time consult a video marketing agency to choose the best one for your campaign.