The design of a company’s logo can significantly affect the customer’s perception of the business. In fact, it’s one of the first few things a customer notices when he/she transacts with a company. A well-designed logo helps establish the credibility of a company, but a poorly made one might cause harm to the company’s image or communicate the wrong message. Because your logo will be crucial to creating your brand’s success, you should consider using professional logo creator tools such as the ones provided by

Do you already have a logo? Are you considering a redesign? When creating your company logo, take note of the factors below.

Have a clear message in mind

Outline the core values of your brand plus the message you want to say. It’s also crucial to consider your target customers. What kind of design would they find appealing? Do you have a young or old audience? You also need to define the brand’s personality. Before you start drafting your initial design, you should prepare all the necessary details. This way, when you hire a designer from companies such as Flashbang Logo Design, you come up with a memorable and meaningful logo.

Think about the colors you will use

Take note of how colors affect a person’s perception. For example, red is generally associated with aggressiveness or energy. Silver or grey, on the one hand, is often associated with technology, modernity and even automotive vehicles. Plan which colours you will use in creating your logo. As much as possible, pick a colour combination that your customers can easily associate your brand with.

Don’t forget about the font!

The font used in a logo says a lot about the personality and voice of your business. For example, finance businesses usually stick to font types like Clarendon, Gotham Narrow and Bembo. Fashion-related businesses, on the one hand, make use of fonts such as Helvetica, Geosans Light and Gotham Thin. If you’re not sure which font to use, you can go to Pinterest to look for inspiration from brands similar to yours. Feel free to mix and match the different fonts available today. Compare each version you create and determine which one best reflects your voice and style.

Simplicity is key to elegance

If you want a logo that will leave a strong impression, it’s highly recommended to use a simple design. You shouldn’t have a lot of colours. Pick no more than three colours for your design. It’s also important to limit the amount of text. You don’t want to end up with a cluttered design. Lastly, use basic shapes. Take inspiration from established brands such as Nike, Adidas and Apple.

It can be quite tricky to create a memorable and unique logo. Careful planning is needed, especially because your logo can significantly affect your company’s chances of gaining more visibility in the market.

When in doubt, ask for help from your colleagues or staff. Start with rough sketches on paper. Then, use tools such as Photoshop or Canva. If you’re not keen on using these tools, you can hire a professional graphic designer. An expert can easily come up with different logo ideas. Use the tips above when you’re creating your logo.