Valley viewers tuning into the Presidential debates are seeing more than just candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aggressively debating issues and trading barbs. Many saw a local company, Fulton Homes, run a creative spot to appeal to these viewers who are highly engaged in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Joining the likes of Audi, Jeep, GoDaddy and Tecate in producing debate-themed ads, Fulton Homes proves they can please this newly dubbed “Super Bowl of Politics” audience and give national brands a run for their money.           

“We thought creating a specific ad for the debates, without making a political statement, would be an original way to show the quality of Fulton Homes and to be a part of the ongoing political season,” said Fulton Homes CEO Doug Fulton. “For twelve consecutive years we have created specific ads for the Super Bowl. This was a chance for us to do something different.”

The spot depicts two news anchors sitting at a mock “Fulton Homes News Network” studio in a pre-debate discussion about the current political climate. In the ad the male anchor decides he’s had enough, pulls off his ear monitor and proclaims, “I’m going home,” over the incredulous look of the female news anchor. He explains that he has a Fulton Home, and “there is absolutely no debate on the quality and craftsmanship of Fulton construction.” As he exits the set, leaving behind an angry anchor, the familiar Fulton Homes: “You’re proud to own, we’re proud to build” tagline is heard. The ad was created by knoodle, a Phoenix-based advertising and public relations agency.

The first debate held Monday, September 26 was the most-watched debate in the 60-year history television. According to Nielsen, the debate averaged a total of 84 million viewers across 13 of the TV channels that carried it live. The last debate is today.

“Knoodle is proud to have a high profile client like Fulton Homes that pushes the envelope on creativity and branding,” said knoodle CEO Rosaria Cain. “It enables us to do new, creative and imaginative work, and what better stage than the Presidential debates when everyone is watching.”

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