The business world is moving at such a fast pace that those who don’t adapt themselves to their surroundings will be left far behind the race towards excellence. Convincing today’s consumers has become so much tricky as with the advent of technology and the internet, everyone knows what he wants and what he deserves. The only way to convince a customer to take the final step is by devising a story that will convert him into a lead. To be able to do that, companies need to implement specific marketing techniques that are both unique and intuitive. With the help of these methods, businesses can strike the heart of the customer and make him trust them. From influencers to social media marketing, here are five of the most innovative marketing trends that stood out in 2019.

Online Interactive Ads and Videos

With the downfall of traditional methods of advertising, each company is looking for fresh and unique ways to market his business. Using eye-catching visuals is something that stood out from the rest of the techniques as this way of marketing yielded the most beneficial results. Companies that employed mini-ads in their marketing campaign got at least 41% more traffic on their websites as compared to companies who didn’t. However, these ads can backfire if not done in the right way. The visuals should be spot on, and your content needs to make a statement. For that purpose, you should acquire the services of someone like RAM digital. It is a leading UK digital marketing company known for revamping websites with fantastic content and catchy visuals.

Influencer Marketing

Another method that soared high in 2019 is influencer marketing. Everyone knows that consumers are getting more and more picky about the things they interact with. They are seeking reviews from their favorite celebrities whom they can trusts. If you advertise your product or services through celebrities, users will trust your brand and interact with it even more. Social media platforms have always been a great way to market business, and when you attach a name to your product, your brand trust will increase.


2019 came with the introduction of chatbots. Before this neat feature, users were only able to get answers to pre-existing questions. As 2019 is ending, these chatbots are becoming more and more intelligent, and they are becoming more effective at understanding what the users want. It is a great little feature business can add to their websites as every user likes it when his questions are answered. Chatbots also increase loyalty which is the first step towards making a lifelong customer.

Voice Interaction

With the help of Siri, Google, and Alexa, voice interaction is becoming more streamlined. Talking is the most simplified way of interacting and companies are finally catching up on the trend. The only problem with voice search is that it generates specified results when compared to text-based searches which create a list of options. You need to hire experts who can write quality meta-descriptions for your websites so that they show up in voice searches and you will also need to optimize your business to comply with a voice-based search.

Personalized Email

One of the most fun and interactive way to market your business is by customer-centric personalized emails. It boosts your brand’s visibility and trust score, as everyone likes being felt special. Generic emails aren’t as effective as they used to be, and in order to make an impact on the user’s mind, you have to send personalized videos and promotional coupons to trigger and motivate them. When you combine personalized emails with a good deal, every customer will feel the need to buy your product.