The market research team at Colling Media, a top-ranked national digital advertising and marketing agency, conducted a survey directly after Super Bowl LIV to understand consumer reactions and attitudes to the annual event, halftime show, Super Bowl commercials and accompanying TV advertising.

The survey, conducted after the game concluded on February 3, 2020, canvased 500 adults 18+ throughout the U.S. Respondents were asked about their most liked/disliked TV commercials, whether they made a financial wager on the game, and which aspect of the event they liked the most. Question and answer options were randomized to control for potential ordering bias. The accuracy of the results is +/- 3%.

Key findings of the survey include:

• The favorite TV commercial was Doritos’ Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott spot, chosen by 16% of respondents as the best, followed by Bud Light’s Post Malone spot (10%), and Jeep’s Bill Murray commercial (7%).

• The least favorite commercials were those for Donald Trump’s campaign (10%), Pepsi’s spot with Missy Elliott and H.E.R. (9%), and Bud Light’s Post Malone spot (7%).

• 77.6% of respondents say they watched the Super Bowl.

• 6.3% of respondents who watched the game did not recall that Kansas City won the game.

• 44.8% of respondents said the football game was the best part of the broadcast, followed by 30.7% for the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and 24.5% for the TV commercials.

• 20% of those who watched the Super Bowl said they made a financial wager on the game.

The full test and findings research report is available here: Nationwide Survey: The Most Liked and Disliked Super Bowl Commercials

“They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, and that may also be true with Super Bowl spots,” said Brian Colling, CEO of Colling Media. “Whether consumers loved or hated a specific commercial, they remembered them both. That will likely translate into increased brand awareness.”