To uncover the most successful social media strategies for driving sales, we’ve gathered insights from fifteen industry professionals, including CEOs and marketing directors. Their strategies range from leveraging influencer collaborations to amplifying sales with video testimonials. Dive into their expert advice to boost your own social media sales strategy. Here’s how to use social media to drive sales.

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  • Leverage Influencer Collaborations 
  • Take Advantage of Sales Navigator
  • Remain Actively Engaged
  • Implement Chatbots
  • Re-target and Empowering Frequent Customers
  • Attract Clients with Short-Form Videos
  • Target the Right Customers and Platforms
  • Combine User-Generated Content and Influencer Partnerships
  • Adopt the Content Funnel Approach
  • Try Twitter Direct Messaging
  • Include Team Representation and Brand Building
  • Repurpose Excellent Content 
  • Promote Targeted Advertisements and Social Proof
  • Utilize Educational Content and User Testimonials
  • Amplify Your Video Testimonials

Leverage Influencer Collaborations

Our most successful sales-driving strategy is showcasing influencer meet-ups and collaborations on social media. This involves organizing events with influencers, generating anticipation, and leveraging their authentic endorsements to boost brand visibility. We create event-specific content like live streams, behind-the-scenes clips, and influencer takeovers to amplify campaigns and engage our audience. 

By tapping into the influencers’ reach, we expose our brand to a larger, trusting audience. We track metrics like website traffic, engagement, and sales conversions to measure success and refine our approach. This strategy combines authenticity, excitement, and influencer reach to enhance brand visibility and drive sales.

Mahesh Tyagi, SMM Head, Gleexa

Take Advantage of Sales Navigator

Our most successful sales-driving social media strategy at NamanHR centers on leveraging Sales Navigator. We start by identifying our target audience—CHROs, using precise customer profiles based on industry and company size. Its advanced filters help us track and engage with matching leads via personalized connections, content engagement, and value-packed InMails. Additionally, we establish ourselves as thought leaders by sharing insights on LinkedIn, which not only builds credibility but also attracts CHROs. 

This comprehensive approach has boosted our target audience’s engagement, increased acceptance rates and responses, and improved lead-to-client conversions by 30%. Our knowledge-sharing became more effective, and the cost was minimal compared to the ROI from lead generation and conversion. While I won’t recommend adopting this strategy exclusively, consider integrating it into your social media approach to drive sales at least once and witness its impact.

Virag Shah, Vice President – Sales, NamanHR

Remain Actively Engaged

Social media plays a remarkably important role in today’s digital world, and maintaining an active presence on popular channels such as Instagram, where over 80,000 followers have been reached, is a priority. The most important part is utilizing various social media platforms to engage with customers and keep them informed about the latest happenings, offers, and promotions. This creates a strong sense of community and brand loyalty among followers.

Social media also acts as a portfolio, showcasing the experiences of customers through content. This not only brings authenticity to the brand but also encourages potential customers to book with us.

Justin Crabbe, CEO, Jettly

Implement Chatbots

Implement chatbots on social platforms strategically to guide potential customers through their buying journey. Chatbots can serve as proactive virtual sales assistants and engage users in real-time conversations to answer questions. They also provide product recommendations and lead prospects toward making a purchase.

When designing chatbots, make sure they come with a natural and personalized tone. Customize their responses based on user behavior and make each interaction feel personal. Embed them in posts, messages, and comments to offer immediate assistance, address user inquiries, and provide links to product pages or checkout options.

David Godlewski, CEO, Intelliverse

Re-target and Empower Frequent Customers

One of the most effective strategies we’ve implemented is retargeting customers who frequently purchase our products by presenting them with exclusive offers. However, we go beyond mere discounts; we empower these loyal customers to become affiliates. 

By sharing a unique code, they not only receive rewards but also become ambassadors for our brand. This approach has yielded remarkable success, serving both to retain existing customers and to attract new ones through trusted referrals.

Chris Stott, Director, Seven Marketing

Attract Clients with Short-Form Videos

Generating clients for our SEO marketing agency is one of the core tasks of our business. Since we’ve employed a team of over 10 marketers and SEO specialists, we’re always keeping the pipeline full for them with clients using effective social media strategies and campaigns.

In social media marketing too, there isn’t a single-focused approach but a comprehension of different campaigns that we run. The most effective strategy for us has been “short-form video marketing,” which has brought new viewers and inquiries in bulk and has established us as a go-to SEO name in Canada. We can’t quantify the strategy in sales, but short-form content has been a driving factor for us.

Our viewers range from self-help SEO enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their SEO game with us, to large-scale companies that would be interested in outsourcing their visibility-marketing to us. For the immense value we provide, we gradually “win” clients through short-form video marketing.

Jon Kelly, SEO Specialist, 1st On The List

Target the Right Customers and Platforms

If you want to drive sales successfully on social media, follow these steps. The most important step is to clarify your target customer group. There are so many social media platforms out there, and the users of those platforms are specific. That’s why you need to know your target customers well before you spend money on ads.

Besides, different platforms connect to different types of users. Therefore, you need to find out what kind of people are using those social media platforms. For example, if your product or service is suitable for young Asians, then you should target TikTok, Xiaohongshu, Instagram, etc. This means you need to be well-informed about both social media platforms and your target customers to maximize the effort on every penny you spend on ads.

Roy Lam, CEO and Co-Founder, GeniusHub Digital Marketing

Combine User-Generated Content and Influencer Partnerships

Our most effective social-media strategy for increasing sales has been a combination of user-generated content (UGC) and partnerships with influencers.

UGC establishes genuine connections with our audience by showcasing actual customers utilizing our products. This content is featured on our social-media channels. This not only fosters trust but also generates conversation and increases participation.

In addition to user-generated content, influencer partnerships have been crucial. Collaborating with influencers whose brand and values align with ours allows us to draw into their devoted following. They create compelling content and evaluations, which can significantly impact their followers’ purchasing decisions.

In addition, we employ targeted advertising and analytics to guarantee that our content reaches the appropriate audience. This data-driven strategy enables us to continuously optimize campaigns, resulting in increased sales and ROI.

Jessica Shee, Senior Tech Editor and Marketing Content Manager, iBoysoft

Adopt the Content Funnel Approach

The “Content Funnel Approach” is our most effective social media marketing tactic for increasing sales. A well-structured content funnel, which leads potential buyers through different phases of the buyer’s journey, is created using this method. 

We draw the audience in with interesting and educational top-of-funnel content, then gradually provide more product-specific content as they progress down the funnel. We develop trust and nurture leads until they are prepared to purchase, by providing value and addressing pain points at each stage. 

This strategy ensures that our brand remains at the forefront of our audience’s minds when they are prepared to buy, while also educating them. Our go-to social media strategy is the Content Funnel Approach because it regularly results in higher conversion rates and more revenues.

Brandon Rubinshtein, Founder, Howdy

Try Twitter Direct Messaging

Recently, I published the Amazon bestseller, Back After Burnout. It’s a book designed to help entrepreneurs recover from a period of burnout, to get their lives and companies back on track. 

One tactic that I use effectively to drive sales is to direct-message my Twitter followers to like and retweet a post about the book. This takes some work, but if you have quality followers, then you’ll probably find around 10% of them will gladly engage with your post if you ask them. You can’t do this all the time, as it gets annoying, but a one-off for an important and relevant offer is pretty easy to do. You might even see some link clicks from people who decide not to retweet or like your post. 

Whenever someone does click a link to Amazon, they get cookied, and the product appears in their browsing history as a reminder every time they visit the website. Give this method a try for single-product sales on Twitter.

Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing and Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions

Include Team Representation and Brand Building

Our team shares wins that provide real, valuable information for the target audiences and build our brand with the faces of our team. From lenders to clients, you can look at our social media and tell not only that we are great to do business with but also why. We believe that this level of insight into both what we do and who we are provides comfort and confidence in doing business with us.

Ben Collier, Senior Vice President, ME Commercial

Repurpose Excellent Content 

As a founder of a short-form content agency, I recommend clients repurpose content across multiple social platforms as part of their sales strategy. For example, take one of your high-performing TikTok videos and repost it natively on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. This gives you many more opportunities for engagement, shares, and conversions. 

Cross-posting short videos natively can increase sales by 25-50% compared to using just one platform. For example, one of my clients had a TikTok video go viral (2 million views) and drive a ton of sales. They then posted it on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts as well. That cross-posting strategy resulted in a 47% increase in sales from the initial viral video. 

Don’t just duplicate the same video verbatim across platforms or use videos with watermarks. Tailor the caption, hashtags, etc., for each one while keeping the video content itself consistent. You’ll get far more exposure and sales without having to produce new content.

Daniel Willmott, Founder,

Promote Targeted Advertisements and Social Proof

Our most successful social-media strategy for driving sales involves the use of targeted advertisements. Understanding our audience’s interests, preferences, and online behavior has enabled us to create personalized ads which resonate with them. Coupled with compelling copy and eye-catching visuals, these ads have proven to be incredibly effective in capturing attention and prompting action. 

What’s more, we have also leveraged the power of social proof by encouraging happy customers to share their positive experiences on social media. This has not only boosted our brand’s credibility but also helped to generate more leads and increase conversions.

Ray Schultz, VP Marketing, Liquid Rubber

Utilize Educational Content and User Testimonials

In my role as the Director of Marketing at Art of Skin Care, I’ve had the privilege of experimenting with various social media strategies. The most successful one has been the utilization of educational content combined with user-generated testimonials. Instead of pushing products directly, the focus was on enlightening the audience about skin care routines, ingredients, and the science behind them. This built trust and positioned the brand as experts in the field.

To amplify this, genuine testimonials from the community were incorporated, showcasing real results and personal stories. This not only added credibility but also resonated deeply with the audience, leading to a more authentic connection with the brand.

Prioritize value-driven and authentic content. By educating and sharing real stories, trust can be fostered, which in turn, significantly enhances the propensity for sales.

Cody Dean, Director of Marketing, Art of Skin Care

Amplify Your Video Testimonials

Our most effective social media tactic for boosting sales? Video testimonial campaigns, hands down. 

We collaborate with satisfied customers to create videos describing how our SaaS solutions solved their challenges. But here’s the twist—we don’t stop at the “thank you” part. We include “before-and-after”’ metrics to underline the transformation.

These bite-sized case studies are shared on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube Shorts, explicitly targeting recruiters, our ideal customer persona. The result is a measurable increase in both engagement and conversions.

Madhurima Halder, Content Manager, Recruit CRM