Arizona’s business landscape is booming. In many ways, that’s fantastic for your business because it means the economy is performing well. It can also be a bit of a drag since there’s a drastic increase in competition. A great way to stand out is trade show marketing.

With a stunning display, well-trained staff members, and a strategic marketing plan, you can see quick and lasting growth for your business. Here are a few ways that presenting at a trade show can benefit your small company: 

Increase Exposure

Any positive exposure for your business is a marketing win for you. You can raise brand awareness and connect invested individuals with your brand simply by presenting at a trade show. 

If you want to create a lasting impression, focus on good branding. Most importantly, you need your name and logo displayed prominently. Follow that up with messages about your brands, products, and your unique selling proposition. An amazing trade show display helps to make your message pop. 

Encourage your staff to talk to guests about your brand and what you offer. The personalized contact alongside a well-branded display will create strong impressions on your target audience. 

Gather Hot and Cold Leads 

If you have products to sell, a trade show is a great place to raise revenue, but most companies are simply there to gather leads. Trade shows in a relevant industry are sweet spots for a highly targeted audience who may want to do business with you now or in the future. 

Have a tested strategy for gathering leads at this event. You might attract hot leads with an “act now” promotion. Those who are ready to do business will jump on the opportunity to connect with you and make a purchase before time runs out. Cold leads can be gathered through an email list. Have a check-in sheet where consumers who want to learn more can leave their contact information for future mailing. You can also hold a giveaway in which consumers must provide their emails and consent to be added to your email list. 

Set a reasonable, but challenging objective to help you stretch yourself and maximize the effectiveness of the event. 

Gain Social Media Attention 

Your attendance at a trade show can be excellent publicity for your brand, especially if you’re attending a highly attended trade show in Arizona that targets residents of the state. Enhance that publicity with social media. 

You might be surprised to find out how many people support trade shows in the area. Connecting your brand with this highly favored event can help you raise your following. You can also gather new followers by asking passersby to follow you in order to enter a contest or to win a swag prize. 

In the days leading up to and following the event, reset your social media goals to raise attention for your trade show attendance and successes. Use hashtags created specifically for the trade show alongside your branded hashtags. Tag other businesses who attended and create a network of companies, business leaders, and consumers who are all invested in a similar industry. 

Level the Marketing Field 

Digital marketing has significantly decreased the barrier of entry for small businesses trying to spread the word about their businesses, and trade shows complement that. Compared to other marketing campaigns, the cost barrier is low, so businesses large and small can work side by side to promote their companies. 

This is one area where it doesn’t have to be obvious that you’re a small-time business next to huge names. If you have a fully decked-out display with amazing swag, great promotions, and well-trained staff, you can appear just as competent and enticing as the big-box company next to you. 

Put your best foot forward in your trade show marketing strategies. Your attention on your target audience and personal interactions could help you beat a close competitor.