Amidst multiple iterations of name mispronunciations, LaneTerralever has listened to its audience, and will now adopt the often-used moniker, LT. More than just a name change, the renowned full-service marketing and customer experience agency views this rebrand as a pivotal evolution point in the company’s storied history.

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“While our name and logo have been refreshed, our core commitment to innovation and excellence remains stronger than ever,” said LT CEO, Chris Johnson. “This rebrand amplifies our dedication to delivering cutting-edge marketing and commitment to simplicity for our clients.”

Established as E.B. Lane in 1962, and later merging with Terralever in 2013, LT has been at the forefront of marketing innovation for more than six decades. The company’s journey from traditional marketing techniques in the 1960s to adopting cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) today represents a significant transformation in how the company approaches marketing challenges and solutions.

“From using typewriters and placing black-and-white newspaper ads in the 60s to harnessing the power of AI now, LT has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the market,” stated Johnson.

The integration of AI into LT’s processes has enhanced operational efficiency and combatted post-pandemic professional burnout, enabling their team to deliver innovative and purposeful solutions.

With the continued integration of its sister company, Convince & Convert (C&C), LT has further strengthened its portfolio, deepening its strategic consulting capabilities and extending its reach beyond traditional marketing services. With a team of marketing strategists and consultants from coast to coast, this expansion has helped enhance LT’s effectiveness on a national scale. 

With the newly appointed Zontee Hou serving as C&C’s Managing Director, LT is poised for greater expansion. The author of Data-Driven Personalization, Hou uses consumer insights to generate customer loyalty. These integrated adjustments allow LT to tackle larger, more complex projects, driving growth and delivering superior results for clients.

“The pace of innovation across marketing and customer experience continues to accelerate, and I’m proud that, together, we’re able to keep driving our clients’ success at the forefront of a changing world,” said Zontee Hou, reflecting on the significance of the rebrand and her new role as Convince & Convert Managing Director.

The enthusiasm for change extends throughout the LT organization, as team members at every level are energized by the agency’s renewed focus and potential.  

“With outstanding leadership and a fresh rebrand, we are embracing this new era with one goal in mind — exceeding client expectations,” Johnson added. “The team is well-positioned to take bold steps toward service excellence.”

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