Full-service marketing agency Highnoon launched operations today, opening the doors to its office space at 5th Avenue and Mill, in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Created by award-winning agency heads Ken Bonham and Scott Kaufmann of Lucid Agency, and Joe Pizzimenti of Bigfish Creative Group, Highnoon is harnessing creativity, data, and technology to help organizations share their stories in a way that addresses the consumer shift towards supporting authentic, sustainable and trusted brands. 

“Consumer decisions are led by the heart and rationed by the mind,” says Kaufmann. “Consumers know more, expect more and have more options than ever before. To succeed in the marketplace, companies must deliver on the ‘why’ behind what they do while simultaneously creating experiences that reinforce their brand story and value. At Highnoon, we will push boundaries to guide brands where they need to go today, and in the future, to achieve meaningful results.” 

The Highnoon co-founders’ paths have crossed numerous times over their respective agency histories, but it was over the last two years of client collaboration that it became clear there was opportunity to build upon the cultures they nurtured independently and create something unique and exciting. 

“Highnoon is breaking barriers of what a marketing agency should and can be,” says Pizzimenti. “We use a collaborative approach with clients to craft authentic, attention-grabbing creative campaigns that connect, while ensuring metrics are in place to track consumer activity and satisfaction. Truly, we are operating at the intersection where art meets science.”

The new agency will execute strategy across all channels and touchpoints for its clients through its four distinct departments that collaborate to develop and implement bold visions through its extensive service lines anchored in strategy, digital marketing and media, public relations, creative design and more.

Headquartered in Tempe, Bonham, Kaufmann and Pizzimenti are putting down roots in the city that brought them together as alumni of Arizona State University. Tempe is a thriving hub for commerce and education, and will serve as home base for current clients and launchpad to take the Highnoon model to additional clients across the country. Current agency work spans higher education, real estate, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality, technology, and financial industries. Highnoon has more than 60 team members and will continue to expand its roster of talented employees.

“It was clear from the onset that all three of us share that wild west mentality in how we operate and challenge industry norms,” says Bonham. “The Highnoon name is rooted in advancement and decisiveness, which is exactly what our team embodies. We’re looking for clients who want to do something different in an effort to drive their organization forward.”

For more information on Highnoon, its service lines and team members, visit highnoon.co.