Off Madison Ave, an integrated marketing communications agency, will be expanding to Los Angeles and Boulder, Colorado, with the opening of two new offices.

Founded in 1998, the agency has established a significant presence in the West with notable clients in key markets throughout the region. Opening offices outside of its Arizona headquarters is a strategic next step for Off Madison Ave and comes on the heels of several acquisitions in recent years.

“Broadening our footprint has always been part of our vision,” said David Anderson, CEO of Off Madison Ave. “Los Angeles and Boulder are markets that align well with our core capabilities and offer significant opportunities for our clients and our staff.”

Opening offices in these locations is a natural fit, with both Los Angeles and Boulder boasting reputations as major hubs for established businesses and innovative startups. The expansion also allows the agency to leverage its three locations to strengthen its service offerings across all disciplines, especially in the digital and media space. Los Angeles is the second largest designated market area (DMA) in the United States, and Phoenix and Denver fall into the top 20 DMAs.

“The sheer size of both markets provides ample opportunity to foster existing relationships and establish new connections with a variety of partners, including media publishers and vendors,” said Mike Horne, Chief Growth Officer of Off Madison Ave.

According to Off Madison Ave Chief Creative Officer Roger Hurni, having a presence in Los Angeles and Boulder will provide the agency with deeper insights into the changing marketing and advertising landscape.

“We are continually seeking out new ways to strengthen our skill sets and expand service offerings with one objective in mind: to provide unique marketing engagements that translate into true business success for our clients,” said Hurni.