Creating a corporate video can be a lot of hard work, especially if you’re not exactly an expert in video production. There are many things to think about and a lot of pitfalls to avoid. So before you spend hours putting something together that doesn’t quite hit the mark, let’s take a look at some common mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Not considering your audience

Whether it’s an in-house staff training video or a sizzle-reel for your company website, the first thing you need to do is think about who it is you’re trying to engage with your video. It’s very easy to make a video that you enjoy, understand and engage with, but you need to remember that this video is not for you.

So before you come up with a concept or even think about picking up a camera, take some time to really think about your target audience. Do some research on the kind of content they enjoy and engage with. This will help make sure that you produce a relevant and successful video.

Not having a clear purpose

Many people dive head first into video production without really thinking about what exactly they want to achieve. What is the purpose of your video? Is it to sell a specific product? To spread awareness about your business? Or is it simply supposed to get people thinking? What do you want people to do or think when they watch your video?

Whatever the goal is, you need to have this clear in your mind before you start coming up with ideas or producing your video.

Unclear messaging

Once you have a clear idea of the purpose of your video, you need to make sure that this purpose is also clear to your audience. After all, if the message isn’t clear to your audience by the end of the video, then what’s the point in making it at all?

When it comes to getting your message across, try and keep it simple. Don’t try and say too many thing in your video. Remember that people’s attention span (especially in a digital climate which is saturated with video content) is relatively short. Have one clear message and focus on getting that across effectively.

In order to really drive the message home, you should also include a clear Call To Action. So for example, if you want viewers to clink on your link and register for your newsletter, instruct them to do exactly that at the end of your video. If you want them to share the video with friends on social media, tell them to do so with a clear and concise Call To Action.

Getting a clear message across in a corporate video is of course easier said than done. So unless you’re an expert in video production, it’s worth while to bring in a professional production company to help make sure that your video is as engaging and efficient as possible. Make sure you use a local team however to make sure that you reach the right audience in the way. So for example, if your business or target audience is based in Sydney, use a company specializing in corporate video production in Sydney.

Too long : All talk, no action!

The beauty of video is that you can show a lot of things without having to say it. If you just wanted to deliver a long list of facts and figures, you could have done so in writing. Video can convey emotion, personality and so much more so don’t counteract these benefits by making the video too long and text-heavy.


Video is a fantastic way to engage with your customers. But whilst a good video can convey a lot of information, increase audience engagement, boost information retention and elevate your company’s profile, a bad video can be extremely damaging. So to make sure you get the best out of your corporate video, you may wish to consider investing in the services of a professional video production company.