Five simple strategies for promoting customer satisfaction

Marketing | 17 Feb, 2017 |

Everyone knows poor customer experiences can negatively affect a brand, especially with the impact of online reviews like Google and Yelp. And although providing quality customer service is a given in every brand’s marketing strategy, it can be easy to overlook the core values of satisfaction. As competition between brands increases, perfecting customer service and avoiding simple mistakes can be the deciding factor on whether customers write negative reviews or return to your organization.

Attitude, efficiency and effective communication provide the foundations for stellar customer service. When those principles are in line, achieving customer satisfaction starts to become second-nature. When customers see your brand possesses the same core values as they do, they are much more likely to develop positive opinions.

Here are some insights that can help keep customer satisfaction up and negative reviews down:

Make the connection between the customer and your organization

Customers don’t always distinguish between the organization and the individuals that comprise it. If a customer contacts you for help and someone else in your organization is the right person for the job, it’s your responsibility to make the connection between the customer and that person. Don’t require your customers to make the connection themselves.

Don’t change just for the sake of change

If you make changes to your product, those changes should be perceived by the customer as beneficial. Change for the sake of change often leads to complaints. If something can be done in three steps, a new version of the same product shouldn’t require five. Don’t force your customers to be less efficient, but instead work to eliminate barriers to productivity.

Test your products

Testing your products also includes testing the instructions. Seek help outside your organization to obtain the best feedback on how to create both user-friendly products and comprehensible instructions.

Arrogance is more than a bad attitude

Arrogance can also manifest in unnecessary price increases or making demands that don’t add value for the customer. Once a brand becomes arrogant, customers start looking for alternatives. Never assume that you’re the only organization who can fulfill your customers’ needs.

Communication is key

Always keep your customers informed. Silence builds frustration and communication builds trust. When mistakes are made, acknowledge that you understand the customer’s concern and do everything in your power to recover the customer’s trust. This could also mean being proactive even when there’s no tangible return.

When your customers feel valued, your organization will thrive. Maintaining satisfaction will not only help keep negative reviews down, but it will also establish repeat customers and the foundation for positive brand recognition.

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