SocialWhirled, the leading digital campaign publishing platform, launched its first in a series of contests to build a royalty-driven designer ecosystem. The series encourages visionary designers to showcase their talents by creating digital marketing campaign frameworks that can be accepted into the SocialWhirled library and then utilized by brands and their agencies of record. The contest is open to a wide range of individuals including graphic designers, college students, marketers and more.

Organizations can download a designer’s work on SocialWhirled’s self-serve platform to launch their own campaigns. Each campaign includes an analytic dashboard enhancing targeting and allowing real-time ROI measurements. Beyond a grand prize of $2,000 and a $500 people’s choice award, designers will earn $100 (see terms and conditions-link) each time their canvas is selected and deployed. Participants will be notified via email if their design has been accepted in the library. When the contest concludes, designers still have the opportunity to take part in the royalty ecosystem. 


Theme: Automotive 
Duration: Mar. 31-May 30 
Voting: Mar. 31-June 6 
Winners announced on June 9 
Theme: Holiday 
Duration: July 15-Sept. 15 
Voting: July 15-Sept. 18 
Winners announced on Sept. 22 

Theme: Restaurants 
Duration: Oct. 5-Dec. 4 
Voting: Oct. 5-Dec. 8 
Winners announced on Dec. 11

Andy Lombard, CEO of SocialWhirled, announced the details of the competition series today: “102 million consumers turn to digital when making purchases nationally. We wanted to create an in-house platform where entrepreneurial designers could provide tools that would allow brands and their agencies to increase targeting and accelerate their ability to connect with consumers. We are looking forward to highlighting the best and brightest designers that step forward.”

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