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Tempe-based Genius Monkey opens office in Australia

Genius Monkey, an industry-leading marketing platform specializing in programmatic ad displays, has expanded its physical presence into Australia. While the Tempe, Ariz.-based company services clients around the world, its marketing experts have been based exclusively in the United States until now.

“Genius Monkey is delighted to accept this wonderful opportunity to expand our presence to the Australian market,” said Clint Ethington, CEO of the company. “With a physical presence there, we can offer the businesses of Australia the opportunity to meet with our marketing specialists face-to-face, which many company owners prefer.”

Genius Monkey knows that the marketers of Australia truly understand and recognize the value and importance of programmatic advertising as a quantified and proven science in marketing technology. By having local representatives on hand, Genius Monkey can offer ad campaign coaching and consulting that will most certainly lead to an increase in online traffic and a reduction in advertising costs, just as it has in the United States.

“We bring to the table our programmatic platform, offering businesses the opportunity to improve advertising effectiveness by implementing our advanced technology. This will provide them the upper hand in competitiveness and survivability within their respective brand markets,” said Ethington. “We do this by programmatically targeting a specific audience, measuring the results, and making adjustments where needed, providing them a substantial increase in online traffic and a much bigger bang for each advertising dollar spent.” He further states, “We have found Australian firms to be exceptionally receptive to the marketing platform that we offer. We eliminate all of the setup fees, binding contracts and management fees and build solid ad campaigns that are more effective and certainly more affordable.”

With the programmatic platform offered by Genius Monkey, businesses can reach millions of targeted customers through the integration of information collected via behavioral databases into all the channels. It makes keeping up with advertising operations straightforward and uncomplicated, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.