July 31, 2022 is the last day to vote for the 2023 edition of Ranking Arizona, which is the 26th anniversary edition of iconic and prestigious Arizona publication.

That means the time to make your vote count is now. Click here to vote. To see who made the Top 10 lists in past issues of Ranking Arizona, read the digital versions of Ranking Arizona here.

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For 26 years, Arizona’s largest business opinion poll annually ranks companies based on those with whom voters want to do business. And businesses need as much help as possible as we rally to rebound from the economic impact of COVID-19. With year-round visibility, Ranking Arizona is kept and referred to time and time again.

Jennifer Kaplan

Everybody wants to be the best. In business, being the best can boost a company’s bottom line. That’s where Ranking Arizona can help.

Ranking Arizona is a vessel that helps Arizona businesses prove they’re the best. The magazine, which celebrates its 25th year in 2022, is the result of the largest business opinion poll taken in Arizona. More than 1 million participants vote to give their recommendations based on the quality of product, service and with whom they would recommend doing business.

“We tally the votes and the Top 10 companies are ranked in more than 300 categories,” says Mike Atkinson, president and CEO of AZ Big Media and creator of the magazine.

So what can it mean to a company that earns a coveted Top 10 ranking?

“Being listed in Ranking Arizona is a wonderful accomplishment and a great endorsement for your business,” says Kristy Jozwiak, co-founder of Duality Public Relations, which cracked Ranking Arizona’s Top 10 in public relations after just two years in business. “One of the best ways a company can leverage its ranking in Ranking Arizona is to be sure that existing and potential customers know about it. That means celebrating your company’s ranking with your employees and promoting it on your website, at your place of business and on social media channels.”

Jennifer Kaplan, founder of Evolve PR and Marketing, says in a society where perception is reality, it’s important for business leaders to realize that awards and recognition can enhance your business and brand.

Andrea Aker

“Ranking Arizona is one of the most well revered and coveted lists in the Valley,” Kaplan says. “Once you have achieved being on the list, you now have a valuable asset to utilize in marketing your business, a way to share and tout your accomplishments.”

The most important aspect of earning a spot in the rankings is that it helps validate the value of your products and services, according to Andrea Aker, president of Aker Ink, the top-ranked public relations firm in Ranking Arizona.

“It shows prospects that you already have a loyal following of customers who will vouch for your good work,” Aker says. “The recognition should be promoted in marketing communications designed to attract new customers. Think entryway signage, promotional email blasts, mailers and brochures. The Ranking Arizona logo is a simple and succinct stamp of customer approval.”

To get your company on one of Ranking Arizona’s Top 10 lists, experts say it’s important to promote the vote to your customers base and remind them to vote and to vote often. To make your vote count in the 2020 edition of Ranking Arizona, click here to vote.