Facebook recently gave its 1.6 billion-plus users access to its coveted live video streaming service, Facebook Live. Differentiating itself from other mobile live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook’s new technology allows users to broadcast their lives, brands and ideas in real-time to a larger audience than ever due to the social network’s global reach. On top of that, the feature can be accessed from any device – yes, even a drone. Facebook Live is shaping modern-day storytelling, and while it seems like the majority of users are large companies and celebrities, you too could reap the benefits of this hot new social media feature.

BUILD BRAND AWARENESS: When it comes down to it, live broadcasting is yet another way of getting your name and image out there. It’s a method of increasing engagement with your audiences, and because of this, the use of Facebook Live is a tool that can be used to keep your brand relevant.

OFFER A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT BUSINESS: Facebook Live makes it easy for business owners to build a deeper connection with their followers. The nature of live content gives viewers the sense that what they are watching is transparent and authentic – and it is! Facebook Live users have the ability to give their followers interviews with employees, show the ins and outs of a typical day in the office or a sneak-peek at a new product. Live broadcasts also have the potential to humanize your brand and make your company more relatable and in turn, it becomes more trustworthy.

ENGAGE WITH POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS: One of the major appeals of Facebook Live is that it allows viewers to participate in the conversation through a personal and direct line of communication. Since your audience will be able to highlight their questions, comments, and concerns in real-time, you can profit from engaging in a valuable discussion. Even better, it allows you to show off your company’s A+ customer service by saying hello to the commenters by name, offering a change or different perspective that parallels their feedback, and forming a relationship.

CREATE VALUABLE CONTENT: Once you stream a video with Facebook Live, whether it be a two-minute video or 30-minute segment, the video is here to stay. There is no need to worry about your content disappearing in a matter of seconds, hours or days because your Facebook Live videos automatically save to your Facebook timeline. You can get the most out of your video by sharing it, embedding it in blog posts, tweeting it out, and emailing it to colleagues, customers and prospective clients.

BROADCAST LIVE EVENTS: Today, your customers are busier than ever; make it easy for them to attend your events without leaving their kids or job. Sharing live events with your audience allows them to feel connected to both the event, and your brand, without even being there. To make the most of your followers’ interest, show them around the entire event, allowing them to experience every aspect of it. Pay attention to their comments as well, so that you can answer any questions or follow any requests they may have to see certain aspects of the event.

Proceed with purpose. Decide on the goal of your broadcast, be crystal clear on your key messaging and leave viewers with an action to take. When used effectively, Facebook Live can do wonders for a brand and your bottom line.

Melissa DiGianfilippo is co-owner and president of public relations at Serendipit Consulting, a full-service marketing and communications agency.