Logo designers cover a broad range of talent from novice to high end. These days it’s possible to design your own logo for free with various online software tools. If you happen to know a graphic artist or someone who creates eye-catching handcrafted art it’s possible to make deals that don’t involve expenses. The following are ways for companies to create their own free logos using electronic tools.

1. Find the Right Tools

The first step in creating your own logo is to find a cloud-based site that allows you to easily create logos by choosing templates, fonts and colors. There are various free logo design signs but not all of them offer professional quality. Choose a free logo maker used by many professionals across various industries. Once you have access to tools to create quality designs, you simply need to follow the user-friendly steps to complete the design.

2. Brainstorm with Colleagues

Before you design your logo think about what your company means to your community of workers and customers. The feelings that you want associated with your brand should be expressed in the logo. An upbeat amusement park, for example, needs a fun logo, whereas a hospital or law firm needs a more serious logo. Get ideas from multiple people in your professional circle and put them on a page. From there start eliminating possibilities that don’t fit your vision. Stick with the ideas that will create the most positive reactions within your target market.

3. Decide on an Image

Thinking in terms of the feeling you want to convey will help you choose an appropriate image that connects with customers. Sometimes a logo can be built around an image, particularly one of a mascot or portrayal of a product. Starting with an image can make logo design more simple if the image stands out well enough. You can make the image more unique by enhancing it with image editing tools.

4. Pay Attention to Colors

Colors play a significant role in logo design. You should know from the beginning if you’re going to stick with a black and white logo or use up to four colors. Keep in mind that colors do attract more attention, but they can also be more expensive and many be difficult to produce for certain applications. Gradients, for example, may differ among vendors. Keeping your logo simple with minimal colors is usually the easiest way to create familiarity with the brand.

At the same time don’t forget about the artistic power of color or how it affects consumer emotions and behavior. Brighter colors such as red and yellow are associated more with excitement whereas blue and green are more laid back earthy colors. In many ways colors can communicate feelings, although the interpretations are based on individual experience.

5. Create a Logo Design Contest

Another way to get a free logo design is to turn the project into a contest and award a prize that will be exciting to your community. Prizes can be provided by third party sponsors that want to be associated with your company. One of the prizes can be a link to their graphic design website from your site as an endorsement. A contest will get graphic designers to compete with each other for recognition on your site while you, a panel or your audience chooses the best submission.