MBI Industrial Medicine (MBI) is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a healthcare industry leader. Founded in 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona, MBI is a leading provider of industrial medicine and employer services in Arizona, Colorado and across the Southwest. Through its 19 freestanding clinics now open in two states and 5 additional clinics set to open by year’s end, the company offers employers an integrated care model which includes work related injury care and physical therapy rehabilitation, in addition to employment physical exams, testing and screening.

The Company is led by Brian O’Hayre, its Chief Executive Officer, and was founded in 1982 by Brian’s father, Dr. Walter O’Hayre. Over the past 10 years, O’Hayre has refined MBI’s business model to deliver industry-leading injury care while expanding the business organically throughout the Phoenix and Tucson markets. The company recently acquired Workwell, a Colorado-based occupational healthcare provider with 7 locations across the Denver-metro area.

“Our commitment to service and high-quality patient care is paramount to our 40-year success in business,” said Brian O’Hayre, Founder and CEO of MBI. “For the last two decades, Arizona’s largest employers have trusted MBI to help them maintain safe and healthy companies,” he said. “It’s an accomplishment we are very proud of,” O’Hayre said.

MBI’s highly skilled staff of medical providers and physical therapists, investments in technology, and dedicated focus on strictly industrial medicine have driven very strong employer and patient satisfaction, creating opportunities for rapid growth and expansion in Arizona and across the Southwest.

For 40 years, MBI has been Arizona’s leading provider of occupational medicine and injury care, delivering exceptional workforce healthcare to patients and employers across all industry verticals. With clinics now open in Arizona and Colorado, MBI offers quality, efficient medical care to meet the needs of employers and their employees, at convenient times and locations. For a complete list of locations, visit www.MBIAZ.com.