Medicine for Business and Industry (MBI) announced that it will offer a new on-site triage care program for Arizona businesses amid the COVID-19 crisis. As part of President Trump’s plan to reopen the economy and put Americans back to work, this new workplace health check and prevention program is designed to establish and maintain healthy workplaces. 

As an extension of MBI’s COVID-19 Telemedicine program, a medical provider team will be assigned to each business to perform on-site company-wide health and wellness checks on a periodic or ongoing basis. Employers can ensure the ‘workplace readiness’ of their employees with temperature checks, symptom assessment, and early identification and isolation of  high-risk workers. Additionally, the program will assist corporations with implementing wellness and prevention protocols including personal protective equipment and mask fitting, hand-washing and decontamination protocols and additional health resources. 

“Since the COVID-19 crisis began, we have been working with essential businesses to develop triage protocols to protect their employees and keep the public safe,” said Brian O’Hayre, CEO, Medicine for Business and Industry. “Now that the focus has started to shift to get America back to work, we are working to aid corporations with healthcare solutions that will make it possible to safely and responsibly reopen on a mass-scale,” he said. 

Under the latest guidelines for essential workers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that employees take their temperatures before their shifts, wear face masks and practice social distancing at work. They also are advised to stay home if they are ill, not share headsets or other objects used near the face and refrain from congregating in crowded break rooms.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced plans to reopen the US economy by May 1. As part of that initiative, the president emphasized the responsibility of employers to implement corporate health check  programs and public and private testing to assure workers are healthy enough to work. 

“If an employee begins to feel sick, or believes they were exposed to the virus, they are able to request a telemedicine virtual visit from our specialized medical providers,” O’Hayre said. “Quickly identifying and isolating individuals who display symptoms in the workplace is the best way to minimize the spread of the virus in the workplace and to the public,” he said.

Employers who are interested in providing their workforce with On-Site Triage Care should contact their Health Service Manager 602.702.0534 for additional information. 

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