CityLab, formerly The Atlantic Cities a digital magazine which focuses on innovation and pressing issues facing today’s global cities and neighborhoods, recently ranked the top 10 cities with the fastest-growing job markets and fastest-growing populations. Mesa made both lists. Coming in at No. 5 when it comes to job markets and No. 8 in population growth.

CityLab separated cities from their metro areas because cities don’t always follow the same economic trajectory of their metro areas. Some perform better and some perform worse. Mesa was the only city in Arizona to appear on the lists.

The focus on cities is important as the United States recovers from the great recession and cities either revitalize and make a comeback or continue to struggle. Finding out why can be the key to the future of many cities.

“During the recession, Mesa made a strategic decision to invest and not wait for the economy to get better,” Mayor John Giles said. “We worked through the recession and laid the groundwork for the future, which has paid off.”

Mesa shares the top 10 list of fastest-growing job markets with Miami, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, Charlotte, Oakland and Nashville.

The top 10 list for population growth includes Seattle, Austin, Fort Worth, Miami, Denver, Charlotte, Omaha, D.C. and Raleigh.

“Our Mayor and Council have worked hard to promote economic development, quality job creation and the expansion of opportunities for higher education.” Mesa City Manager Chris Brady said. “We have been able to accomplish all this through a well thought out, conservative approach to budgeting which has allowed us to maintain positive bond ratings and operational efficiencies.”

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