After nearly 10 hours of counting by an official adjudicator from Guiness World Records, Valley Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Michael Pollack set the Guiness World Records title Thursday for the Largest collection of advertising Statues.

On Thursday, September 28th an official adjudicator from Guiness World Records began counting the more than 8,900 pieces located in Pollack’s collection.  The counting took place in Pollack’s 3-D Advertising Museum, which is located inside his Mesa based headquarters of Pollack Investments.

When the count was final, Pollack’s museum contained 8,917 pieces.

The pieces vary and range from rare life-size characters and signs, to miniature mannequins to 144 of the Baranger displays that were leased to jewelry stores between 1937-1977.

Pollack who has spent 44 years redeveloping real estate projects across California, Nevada and Arizona, said he never imagined the collection he started as a teenager would grow to what it is today or that he would be a Guiness World Records title holder.

“This is not only a huge honor for me to say we have earned a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDs title, but to know we truly have the largest collection of advertising statues anywhere in the world,” said Pollack.  “This just shows what started as passion for me at 14-years-old has grown into something rather extraordinary 50 years later.”

Over the years, Pollack’s appetite for collecting made it necessary to build a special facility to house his vast advertising collection.

“I have flown all over the world to buy individual pieces and sometimes entire collections for my museum,” said Pollack.  “I once bought an extremely rare advertising statue in Paris.  The chalk statue was so old and delicate that I actually bought an extra seat for it on the plane so I could get it home to the United States safely.”

The various pieces are displayed throughout the museum so they can be enjoyed in their spacious surroundings.  To see more of the collection visit

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