Resume writing plays an important role when it comes to applying for and getting a job. It is therefore important that your CV is well written. Be aware, however, that this is a difficult task, no matter how senior you are or how confident you are in your skills and experience. You can hire a professional resume service to do the job for you.

You can also take steps to make the process easier and make your resume something that gets noticed for the right reasons. However, if your CV does not attract the attention of recruiters, you have likely made a mistake. To avoid them, here are common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume.

Lack of customization

When creating your resume, remember to tailor it to each position you apply for. Of course, you should list your skills, responsibilities, and accomplishments specifically related to the position you are applying for. On the contrary, the mistake to avoid is to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and not adapt your CV to the position’s requirements. In this way, your CV will be well personalized and pleasant to read.

Add incorrect information

Mismatched dates, incorrect personal information, and blatant disclosures will only trip you up when your recruiter surprises you. You may not even be able to make direct contact if you wrote down an incorrect phone number or email address, so be sure to check everything and be sure to banish the incorrect stuff.

Bad formatting

Unless you’re aiming for a designer job, your resume doesn’t have to be a work of art. A fancy typeface, like Arial or Times New Roman, and a clean design will do the trick. You need to make your resume easy to read. You should also save it to a recognized file that can be opened as an email attachment, such as a Word or PDF document.

However, it is difficult to choose the design of your CV. This is why it is now possible to outsource this task through online tools. They help you find the right layout for your resume.

Making a CV too long

The solution is not to make a CV too long to ensure that the hiring manager will be impressed. This is a common mistake that discourages the reader from reading the document. You must simply synthesize and adapt your CV. Of course, it is crucial to prioritize the content of your summary while highlighting your experiences according to the profession’s expectations to be promoted. In addition, information inappropriate to the position you are applying for should not be present to avoid creating a CV of more than one page.

The lack of arguments

Most candidates mention their successes without clearly describing the different ways to achieve them. Likewise, there are job seekers who separate their achievements and work experience. However, the recruitment managers in a company check above all how a candidate arrived at the results he claims. Thus, you should avoid the lack of argument error. You must combine your achievements under the same rubric as your missions.

Indicating a non-professional email

‘’ or ‘’ are non-professional email addresses. These emails of this type are mistakes to avoid because, on the one hand, recruiters consider them amateur addresses. On the other hand, it doesn’t show your seriousness. So, you must avoid this mistake and not make it again to make the recruiter want to read your CV. Take your time to come up with a perfect CV that will increase your chances of landing a job. You should also avoid common mistakes that will make you get sidelined by recruiters.