Az Business, in partnership with BestCompaniesAZ, has selected the Most Admired Companies of 2020, including Suntec Concrete.

Since its founding in 1984, Suntec Concrete has worked to establish itself as a leader in challenging, critically timed, and technically demanding jobs in the concrete industry. On every project, Suntec acts as a partner to ensure quality, workmanship, exceptional performance, and unparalleled client satisfaction. Having been involved in some of the most significant projects throughout the Southwest, Suntec has built its reputation over several decades providing outstanding solutions, and the highest quality work on every project. Suntec’s owners have all climbed through the ranks, allowing them to offer credible insight, perspective, and connections to employees at all career phases.

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Suntec Concrete

Most Admired Company: 2020

Top Arizona executive: Jerry Barnier, founder

What it does: Largest commercial concrete company in the Southwest.

Admirable trait: Suntec is involved with education in a variety of ways. It runs an apprentice program that trains people to be contractors or cement masons in three to four years. With Arizona State University, it created two scholarships and an internship opportunity. Annually, Suntec puts on a teacher appreciation program, through which employees can nominate local impactful teachers who are then recognized. The company also supports organizations that promote teachers and careers in construction.