August 15, 2021

Michael Gossie

Most Influential Women: Barbara Kennedy, Western Alliance Bank

Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona of 2021, including Barbara Kennedy, executive vice president and chief human resources officer for Western Alliance BankIn celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Most Influential Women program, is profiling one of the Most Influential Women of 2021 each day leading up to the Most Influential Women of 2021 dinner and reception.

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The Most Influential Women for 2021 will be honored at a reception on August 26 at Chateau Luxe in Phoenix. For sponsorship information, email For information about the event honoring the Most Influential Women, email or click here.

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Today’s spotlight: Barbara Kennedy

Executive vice president and chief human resources officer

Western Alliance Bank

Kennedy oversees HR, training, talent development and recruitment for 1,900 employees. A champion of women, she blazed a trail not just for HR professionals, but for women in highly competitive and traditionally male-dominated industries.

Lesson learned in 2020: “With a range of personal and public dynamics at play, the pandemic has evoked different responses in people, driving home the need to meet them where they’re at with empathy. At Western Alliance, understanding these dynamics is a fundamental part of our client relationships, and COVID helped refine my style, while helping my peers become more tuned in to the needs of our team.”

Source of pride: “Being able to leaf through a collection of personal messages and notes I have received over the years that express genuine gratitude is something for which I’m extremely proud. They reflect years of friendship, mentoring and in some cases, a life-changing impact the relationship has had and reinforces that going the extra mile has made a difference.”

Surprising fact: “I inherited my father’s love of nature. Growing up, I spent great deal of time fishing, catching frogs and just being in the middle of the great outdoors. When I’m looking to reconnect, I often find myself making my way outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature and reflect on those meaningful days with my Dad, whom I miss very much.”