Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2020, including Dr. Winnie Liang, director of scientific operations at TGen. Each day, is profiling one of the Most Influential Women of 2020.

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Today’s spotlight: Dr. Winnie Liang

Director of scientific operations


Background: Dr. Liang has more than 18 years of biomedical research experience with a focus on genomic technologies and translational research; the process of quickly moving laboratory discoveries to the clinic in an effort to benefit patients in need of new medical treatments. Areas of research include cell-specific transcriptomics in Alzheimer’s disease, cancer genomics and precision medicine, molecular analysis of acupuncture, and germline disorders.

Professional advice: “In science, it is important to question everything; to be flexible and open-minded, and to not limit your ideas based on how research is currently performed or has been performed in the past. What may be considered as established concepts continue to evolve as we unearth new findings through research.”

Lesson learned in 2020: “I think we can all agree that everything that has happened this year has been unexpected and jarring. These times have been a reminder that working together and supporting one another, whether it be through your job, at home, or in your community, are absolutely key towards everyone getting through difficult and challenging circumstances together.”

Surprising fact: “In high school, I had a part-time job as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant. Looking back, it was an amazing experience – I had to put into practice how to assess situations quickly, strategize under pressure, pull my weight on a team, be cognizant of the needs of the kitchen and wait staff, and learn to be as efficient and effective as possible. That experience created a valuable foundation for stepping into the real world.”