Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2020, including Marina Hammersmith, senior vice president at ORION Investment Real Estate. Each day, is profiling one of the Most Influential Women of 2020.

Here are the Most Influential Women in Arizona Business for 2020

Here are the Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate for 2020

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Today’s spotlight: Marina Hammersmith

Senior vice president

ORION Investment Real Estate

Background: Hammersmith, CCIM, has more than 25 years of healthcare real estate expertise with extensive hands-on experience in asset management, property management, construction project management and brokerage. Hammersmith’s strong diversity provides a depth of understanding that has proven invaluable in assisting clients through the nuances of real estate transactions.

Professional advice:A woman can lead with strength and grace; those qualities live harmoniously alongside each other. Leaders shouldn’t fear surrounding themselves with people who are smarter and more driven. The real measure of success in leadership is the ability to recognize and celebrate the strengths of others and providing inspiration for them to excel.”

Lesson learned in 2020: “This unprecedented year has taught me to be agile, creative and flexible. It has been humbling to navigate through so much uncertainty and I’ve been the beneficiary of a strong collective of professionals who have held me accountable. Connecting on a personal level has remained top of mind as well. I believe the most important thing a leader can do is to lead with heart.”

Surprising fact: “I grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon and credit my strong work ethic to this experience — farmers don’t take vacations. I was also fortunate to represent the Tillamook County Dairy Industry as Dairy Princess and spent much of my senior of high school year traveling the state, touting the benefits of dairy, and echoing the phrase, ‘Hey, baby, drink your milk.’”