Are you curious to know where the New Yorkers moved the most since the pandemic? If yes, then read ahead to find out in detail about the most favored locations amongst the New Yorkers.

The statistics and data mentioned in the coming sections are based on a survey of more than thirty-five thousand moves done by a popular moving company in 2021. It is difficult to pinpoint whether the moves were pandemic-pushed or due to other reasons, but the data from the moving companies ratifies the figures.

An interesting observation done during the survey was that the majority of people moved within New York and not out of it. About 87% of the moves were within New York City, whereas more than 90% of moves were within New York State.

The maximum number of moves were done on the city’s west side with the three largest boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, & Manhattan. And for the out-of-state moves, New Jersey proved to be the most popular destination. South Florida was the next most popular out-of-state destination.

In-Depth Analysis of the Survey

Let us check out the statistics of each popular destination in this section:

New York

About 87% of the people moved within New York City, where Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn were highly popular. As per the moving company’s annual report, West Village, Battery Park, and FiDi were the prime choice amongst people who moved. Washington Heights, East Harlem, Murray Hill, and Hamilton Heights were the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

The popularity of New York as a favored resident destination is reflected in the real estate price boom in 2021. However, more people moved out from the East Side and Uptown. The neighborhoods near East River had higher moves compared to the average borough moves.

The Upper Hudson Valley, particularly Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, and Rockland Counties, was the hottest region in the Tri-state area.

Outside of New York City, Westchester County was the most popular destination, topping the much larger Long Island counties of Nassau and Suffolk. In fact, the Hudson Valley region attracted more New Yorkers than Long Island.

On a percentage basis, Ulster County (which contains Kingston and Woodstock) was second only to Florida as a destination for movers.

Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island were popular amongst New Yorkers, notably in numbers.

Despite accounting for only 3% of Long Island’s current population, the Hamptons remain a popular destination for New Yorkers leaving the city for Long Island. The municipalities of East Hampton and Southampton account for around 15% of overall moves to Long Island.

NJ and Connecticut

When residents of New York decide to relocate, the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut are attractive choices. New Yorkers relocated to New Jersey and Connecticut in greater numbers than the rest of the country combined, with 54 percent of individuals leaving the state relocating to these two states.

Hudson County, NJ, was the most popular destination for relocations outside New York, outnumbering all other states.

Jersey City, in Hudson County, was also the most popular destination for individuals leaving New York, topping Boston, Miami, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Monmouth and Ocean Counties on the Jersey Shore were among the hottest vacation spots in the state.

Fairfield County was home to most New Yorkers who relocated to Connecticut, with Stamford and Greenwich being the most popular choices.


New Yorkers have historically flocked to Florida in the winter. They had progressively decided to relocate there full-time in 2021, and so Florida was the most popular out-of-state destination for New Yorkers after New Jersey.

Although Miami-Dade County placed first in total moves inside Florida, Palm Beach County had a substantially larger percentage of moves from New York as a percentage of the total population.

The cities of Miami and Miami Beach were the most popular destinations for New Yorkers looking to relocate to Florida.

The hottest sections of Miami, such as Downtown, Edgewater, Brickell, and Coconut Grove, were centered along the water.

The Takeaway

Of all the states, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida were the most favored destinations for relocation in 2021. Other states that came up on the list were: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, North Carolina, and Washington DC.