Adamo Education, the next evolution of learning, has announced open enrollment at its Queen Creek micro school location serving children in grades K-8 for the 22-23 school year. Adamo Education combines the best elements from traditional, online and at home learning to create a positive, personalized environment where children love to learn. 

The multi-age micro school is a concept similar to the one-room schoolhouse from decades ago. Innovated for flexibility, the micro school might meet for a few hours each day or for three full days a week depending on the needs of students, families and their teachers.  

“Our model is different from anything else available today, and what really sets us apart is our certified educators developing hands-on learning with quality attention for every child. We believe every child can learn and every student can be successful,” said Tamara Becker, founder and CEO of Adamo Education.  

All instruction is led by certified teachers and Adamo Education works in partnership with EdKey, Inc., a large charter school network, to strengthen minds using proven, evidence-based, engaging digital curriculum aligned to state standards. This digital platform provides the foundation for instruction, and parents and students have access to it 24/7. 

“I saw an opportunity to take the best from what we’ve known in education thus far and create the next evolution. Families have been wanting more for their children, and I’m thrilled to be able to give them the flexibility and personal attention they crave with the teacher-led quality instruction their children need,” said Becker.  

Becker is an educator with 25 years of experience in traditional, charter, online and hybrid school models. She began her career as an elementary school teacher, with her roles evolving to director of special education, assistant superintendent and most recently, vice president of a large national education organization.

The Queen Creek micro school location will offer morning and afternoon sessions led by certified teachers for students in grades K-8. For enrollment information, please visit or call Tamara Becker at 480-209-2429.