Nextiva, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, is making strategic strides in the CX evolution through the acquisition of Thrio. Thrio is an award-winning contact center software company renowned for its expertise in AI-driven customer experience. This acquisition signifies the next step in Nextiva’s mission to democratize customer experience technology for businesses of all sizes.

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Nextiva is an early mover in the connected conversations space and now powers billions of conversations, including digital interactions. All of this will be available in one, cohesive experience. Nextiva customers will gain immediate access to Thrio’s offerings.

“We’re excited about the possibilities this acquisition brings. It’s a logical step and brings us to the forefront of CX solutions. Now Nextiva has a clear path to market success, with nothing in its way,” said Tomas Gorny, CEO at Nextiva emphasizing that this is not just another acquisition.

This strategic move not only holds promise to delight our customers and ‘future proof’ them against an ever-changing technology landscape, but also underscores the alignment of vision between Nextiva and Thrio. The shared commitment to a common goal reinforces the consistent vision Nextiva has upheld for over 15 years of democratizing access to CX technologies . This is the second acquisition Nextiva is making in less than 2 years, starting with their investment in Simplify360 and now extending to Thrio.

“Joining the Nextiva family will accelerate our shared mission on a global scale. Together, we are putting an end to the CX technology gap between small and large companies.” said Edwin Margulies, CEO of Thrio.

Nextiva’s acquisition of Thrio is about empowering every business to operate with the efficiency and sophistication traditionally associated with Fortune 500 companies.