May 22, 2022

Michael Gossie

Outsourcing made easy: 8 essential and useful tips

Are you thinking about outsourcing? Read on to discover eight essential and useful tips that you need to know!

Planning How You Will Use Outsourced Resources

Before you even start looking into companies, you should heavily consider how you intend on using your newly found resources. This will help you determine what you need and how quickly you need it. Most people require outsourced ecommerce resources. So, here are tips using that as an example.

1. Choose The Right Channels for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a critical part of business in our modern era. This especially applies to customer service. You want to make sure that you have ecommerce channels with customer service on all of the major platforms that people like to use these days. Here are the primary examples.

Social Media

Social media is crucial. In fact, many people now visit your social media long before they would even consider going to your website or checking out your store in person. They say first impressions are important and social media is often someone’s first impression of your business.

It is critical to outsource ecommerce customer service because they can handle social media messages, comments, and inquiries that are essential in today’s ecommerce world.


Email is another avenue in which people like to reach out and ask questions. It is also a great platform to send out newsletters and deals that help cultivate loyal patrons. So, it is important to outsource to a company that offers this type of service.


Phones are the big kicker. No matter what generation you are from. Giving a business a call always seems like a quick way to get the information you need. Whether you have a question or want to return an item. Having this option for your customers is imperative, and outsourcing is the easiest and most cost-effective way.


With text messaging being such a popular form of communication, any business can benefit from having a number and sending out deals to their customers. It is essentially the same as an email list but in the form of texts.

Live Chat

In recent years, live chats have become the newest and most efficient form of customer service, especially for the younger generation. Talking on the phone has become unnecessary when you can simply go to the website and instant message a customer service rep. This is a great thing to offer your customers.

Good customer service is an essential element for any company that wants to develop loyal customers. If you take care of your customers well, the word will get around.

2. Prepare to Distribute Details

Before you hire a company to handle anything, you need to know what details they need and have those details ready for distribution. Outsourcing companies to take care of the things that you do not have the time or resources to take care of is supposed to save you time, and it will. You just have to prepare to distribute details, so you do not have to spend hours doing it after hiring them. That would waste time and money.

3. Let Them Take Care of Your Customer Service Management

Once you have hired them and gotten them all that they need. Let them handle operations. Many people outsource and then try to manage this outsourced team like their employees. This defeats half the purpose of outsourcing. Give them all they need and let them work like the well-oiled machine they are.

4. Set Deadlines That are Achievable

It is crucial to have a realistic view of what outsourcing can do for you. This will help keep expectations at bay and allow you to set realistic deadlines for your outsourced team.

Choosing the Right Company

Now that you have a little bit of an idea of how you can use outsourced resources and what you might want from them. It is time to figure out how to choose the right company for you.

5. Make Sure They Check All of the Boxes

First thing’s first. Make sure they check all of the boxes. They need to do everything that you need them to do. But that is kind of a given.

6. Consider the Pros and Cons

Consider all of the pros and cons. Price, bandwidth, functions, and anything else important to you. This should at least help you narrow down your options.

7. Ensure Integrability of Technology and Software

Can they integrate? Today’s business world relies so heavily on software and data. So, make sure that the company you outsource can integrate with your business in that way.

8. Pull the Trigger!

Finally, pull the trigger! You could spend months and months researching and debating who, what, why, and when to outsource. It is good to be thorough, but do not let it keep you from moving forward.

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that there is so much to consider when looking into outsourcing resources like ecommerce and customer service. So, take the tips into consideration and start your research today!