Arizona health officials have released more detailed demographic information regarding the spread of COVID-19, the data suggests a heavy toll among older Arizonans and Native Americans.

Out of the 122 known deaths reported from the virus, 68% were people aged 65 or older. The data also indicated that roughly 15% of those deaths were Native Americans. Native Americans account for less than 6% of the state’s population.

Close to 22% of Arizonans are over 60, and experts have been concerned since the onset of the pandemic that Arizona could be hit particularly hard due to its large share of older Arizonans. For perspective, 21.2% of the New York population is 60 or over. 

Meanwhile, COVID-19 infections have spread rapidly in the Navajo Nation. A first-time weekend curfew was in place across the Navajo Nation to limit the virus’ spread.

“The Arizona Democratic Party has been very concerned about the impact this virus is having on older Arizonans and Native Americans across the state,” said Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, “The chaotic and confusing response from the Trump Administration and Governor Ducey has cost Arizona precious time. Now more than ever Arizonans need their leaders looking out for them and providing real solutions.”