Paraffin International Inc. announced, Wednesday, the company has been named a winner in the Fall 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge (AIC) for its innovative gLOVE Treat, a revolutionary therapeutic paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet.

gLOVE Treat gloves and boots are an innovative, all-in-one solution to the disadvantages of traditional paraffin wax treatments. The easy-to-use, self-contained paraffin gloves and boots feature patented technology that allows the all-natural paraffin formula, which also contains lavender and coconut oils, to penetrate the skin and provide exceptional moisture absorption in less than 15 minutes.

“We are very excited to be named a winning innovation company by the ACA,” said Kevin Weber, CEO of Paraffin International.

A staple in the beauty industry for nearly 50 years, traditional paraffin wax treatments have proven to be cumbersome, messy and unsanitary. Medical offices, salons and devoted at-home users have kept paraffin wax in reheatable pots, which require up to four hours to liquefy the wax, before ladling it into plastic bags for individual customer use.

gLOVE Treat eliminates the hassle and mess with its sensible design. After just two minutes in a conventional microwave, gLOVE Treat’s thermochromatic indicator alerts users when the paraffin wax is at a safe temperature to use. Users wear the gloves or boots, secured with a fabric fastener, for just 15 minutes, and the treatment is complete. Each pair of gLOVE Treat gloves and boots can be used up to four times.

The AIC, which is powered by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), awards the most money in the United States for a technology commercialization challenge – up to $250,000 per company for a total of $3 million annually.

Companies may receive up to $250,000 to invest in their businesses if they achieve certain milestones within a 12-month period.

During the rigorous evaluation process, a panel of expert judges assess each company’s marketing strategy, technology potential, management team and overall economic impact.

For the Fall 2015 AIC, over 130 applications were submitted by companies from five states and numerous industries, including IT-Software, Bio and Life Sciences and Cleantech/Renewable Energy.

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